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History of Shoes

History of Shoes STEP From the beginning our ancestors required shoes to shield their feet from harm and harsh weather conditions. But shoes became more than just protective foot coverings. Through time, however, shoes denoted people's occupation, economic and social status, fashion sense and much more. BY Middle Paleolithic Age, man starts protecting his feet with shoes. C STEP 40000BC Rock sandals are used at Central Oregon. 7000вс Ancient world Leather shoes from Armenia are the oldest of all Eurasia. 5500BC Indians venerate the feet, and adorn it with toe rings, ankle brace- lets and foot tattoos. 2500BC A princess of the XI dinasty was buried with gold sandals in Egypt. 1500BC 90овС Greek terracota boots are wore in Athens. In ancient Greece and Rome, people have different types of shoes for different situations 300 AD During Middle Age, knights wore armor shoes Shoes help the Europeans undertake long journeys and protect the feet in harsh climes at the crusades. 1100 AD The sabot, a shoe cut from a single piece of wood, is the predominant footwear of the peasant. 1200 AD 1400 AD Pikeman's shoe, example of medieval preference for long pointed toes. In France, women wear high 1600 ADheels so tall they need help to get them off and on. Shoes appear in novels, fables and fairy tales. Cinderella's slipper is one of the most emblematic. 1628 AD The first shoe manufactured in the lUSA, handiwork of Thomas Beard. America's first factory for mechanized shoe production is established in Massachusetts. During centuries men wore highly ornamented shoes. 1760AD 1800 AD Jack boot, popular heavy jack leather boot worn Tover slipper or shoe. 1892-1913 AD USA rubber brings lout Keds. 1900 AD Massive wear of modern shoes. The plateau shoe. The uglier and clunkier, the bettert 1970 AD Michael Jackson invent his "anti-gravity" dancing shoes. 1982 AD Most expensive shoes ever: Stuart Weitzman's Rita Hayworth Heelswith rubies, sapphires and diamonds 2006 AD Price tag: $3,000,000 The US Footwear consumption is about 2007 AD $2,400,000,000 Decens of different types of shoes: urban, soirée, casual, elegant, boot, moccasins, sports, ballet, tap, clogs, platforms, sandals, loafers, slippers, boat shoes, athletic shoes orthopedic, espadrilles, oxfords, pumps and balmorals TODAY Sources: history-of-shoes.html

History of Shoes

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This is the History of Shoes. Step by Step into time the evolution of how the show came to be what it is today.


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