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Texas DWI Cheat Sheet

TEXAS DWI CHEAT SHEET KNOW YOUR LEGAL LIMITS Drinks in Drinks in your system Women your system Men Monitor yourself Monitor yourself Women 100lbs-120lbs Men 100lbs legally intoxicated legally intoxicated Women 100lbs-180lbs Men 100lbs-140lbs legally intoxicated legally intoxicated Most individuals are Men 100lbs-200lbs legally intoxicated legally intoxicated Most individuals are legally intoxicated Texas BAC Limits: 21 years old or older 0.08% Commercial drivers 0.04% Younger than 21 years old Any detectable amount A 120-pound woman, after two drinks in your system will have a blood alcohol percentage (BAC) of .08 = over the legal limit. A 180-pound man, after four drinks in your system will have a blood alcohol percentage (BAC) of .08 = over the legal limit. The rate at which alcohol is metabolized is approximately the same for everyone regardless of their height, weight, sex, race or other such characteristics. Alcohol is metabolized at approximately the rate of .015 to .020 BÁC per hour. HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO SOBER UP? .10 Sleep it off Go watch a movie .02 Take a 3 hour nap .05 .08 Call a cab Houston Texas DWI Facts & Figures 3 Reasons Why Houston Law Enforcement Cracks Down Hard on Offenders 1. Harris County is the drunk-driving capital based on the number of alcohol related fatalities. 2. 60 percent of the county's traffic fatalities are alcohol-related, twice the national average* 3. Houston's DWI task force receives about $480,000 a year in grants to pay overtime for officers to catch and process drunken drivers *Based on a report by the Houston/Harris County Office of Drug Policy What to Do If You've Been Pulled Over After Drinking Be aware of Houston TX DWI laws. If you are pulled over, investigated or arrested for DWI in Texas, you generally have the right to do the following: No talking. Do not answer any questions. Only give your name and address. Just say, "I do not wish to answer any questions." No tests. Do not do any field sobriety tests. In particular, never do any test that involves following a pen with your eyes; walking nine steps heel-to-toe on a line; or standing on one leg for 30 seconds. These tests are rigged and even a sober person can fail! Just say, "I do not wish to do any tests." Do not take a breath test. Do not agree to a blood test. Make police get a search warrant to draw your blood. Unless a judge signs a valid search warrant, the police generally have no right to take your blood. However, you should never struggle or physically fight a blood test or any search. Simply tell the police officer, "I don't agree to this." Then let your lawyer argue in court about whether the warrant was valid. Just say, “I do not wish to take a breath test (or give a blood sample)." No searches. Do not let police search your vehicle, home, apartment, hotel room or place of business without a search warrant! However, you should never fight or argue. Just tell the police officer, "I don't agree to this search." Ask for a lawyer Even if police claim you have no right to a lawyer at certain points in their investigation, you can never hurt yourself by asking to speak with a lawyer. It will show police and anyone watching your video that you are thinking clearly and not afraid to stand up for your rights. Get Help Now: With an experienced lawyer who specializes in defending DWI cases in Houston, your would-be case could be dismissed before you ever set foot in a courtroom. SCHEINER LAW GROUP This information is brought to you by the experts at Scheiner Law. Criminal Defense & DWI Defense

Texas DWI Cheat Sheet

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Everything you need to know about Houston DWI Law, how to protect yourself and voice your rights!



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