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Shaving 87 LBS Off Your Bugout Bag Weight

How To Shave 8-LhOff Your Bu Out Bag #1 Water Planning Potential Weight Savings 50 lbs -A liter of water is weighs about 2.2 Ibs., so 3 liters of water equals 6.6 Ibs [1]. - You may need to drink up to several liters of water per day when exerting a lot of physical energy like while bugging out [2]. So For a 3 day bug out, you would need to carry about 50 Ibs of water if you didn't have a water procurement plan...obviously that's way too much weight. -Instead only carry - 2 liters (4.4 Ibs) of water on you and find reliable sources of water along your bug out route to refill. Potential Weight Savings 7 lbs #2 Food Planning - Freeze Dried Meal Shipping Weight: 2.5 pounds for 6 meals or 41 Ibs per meal [3] - Non Freeze Dried Food weights a lot more per meal than 41 Ibs. - Also, make sure to eat your heaviest foods early on your hike to help lighten your load faster for future days. - Potential Weight Savings - 3 – 7 Ibs #3 Ditch The Tent Potential Weight Savings 7 Ibs Even a lightweight tent weights about 7 Ibs [4] vs a Medium Sized Tarp Weights < 1 Ibs. Tents Are Heavy Potential Weight Savings 7 Ibs #4 Ditch The Bag -A Mylar Thermal Sleeping Bag has a Shipping Weight = 5.6 ounce [5] vs a Traditional Sleeping bag weighing up to 8 Ibs [6] Potential Weight Savings 5 Ibs #5 Less Extra Clothes - Let's assume - 1 Ibs per pants - 5 lb per I shirt - 1 Ibs per thick flannel shirt. - So if you pack only 1 change of each vs 3 changes of each you can save - 5 Ibs Potential Weight Savings 8 lbs #6 Fewer Firearms Just Pick One - Each loaded handgun you carry typically weights between 2 - 2.5 lbs [7] - Each rifle you carry typically weighs between 7- 8 Ibs [8] - So instead of carrying a handgun and a rifle, just stick with one for bugging out will save -7 – 8 lbs #7 Caching Ammo Potential Weight Savings 6 Ibs - Depends upon the brand but some 9mm rounds of ammo weighs - 11 grams [9] Cache Ammo - If you carry 300 rounds of ammo that equals - 7.2 Ibs - If instead you carried 50 rounds and cached the rest you would shave off -6 Ibs Potential Weight Savings 2 Ibs #8 Go Hard Core - Cut Off Extra Straps, Zipper Tags or Fabric Not Needed Replace Toothpaste With Toothpowder - Remove Any Labels/Stickers From Both Bag and Gear Transfer Any Liquids (sunscreens, soap, etc.) Into 1 oz. Bottles - Trim Unnecessary Edges Off Of Your Map Use Ziplocks Instead Of Sacks To Keep Items Together - Replace your Spoon and Fork With A Spork - Buy Titanium Gear When Possible Saw Off The Handle Of Your Toothbrush Drill Holes In Everything You Can (Utensil Handles / Toothbrushes / etc.) Replace Toothpaste With Toothpowder Target Bugout Bag Wieght Skilled Survival Selecting Your Target Bug Out Bag Weight Ideal Bag Weight Max Bag Weight 60 45 30 17.5 15 12.5 100 125 150 175 200 225 250 275 Your Weight in Ibs. SKILLED SURVIVAL Prepare, Adapt Overcome Resources: [1] [2] 13] 4&keywords=freeze+dried+meals [4] ie-UTF8&qid=D1432046936&sr=B-4&keywords=3+person+tent+backpacking+weight [5] Sleeping/dp/B00AY1LCIE/ref=sr_1_5?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1432047075&s=1-5&keywords=sleeping+bag [6] 10?s=sporting- goods&ie=UTF8&qid3D1432047224&sr=1-10&keywords=sleeping+bag [7] [8] [9] powered by Piktochart make information beautiful

Shaving 87 LBS Off Your Bugout Bag Weight

shared by drew1030 on Jul 05
Most preppers fill their bug out bags with lots of gear and essentials, but when they are all done their bag weights too much. Your bug out bag should only weight about 20% of your total body weight...




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