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How to Build a Bug Out Bag 72 Hour Survival Kit

HOW TO MAKE A BUG OUT BAG What to Pack in Your 72-Hour Emergency Evacuation Survival Kit #1 WATER 3L water stored in 2-3 durable containers one should be collapsible metal canteen = cant be used to boil water water filtration system/tablets #2 FO00 should be simple, easy to prepare canned meats, soup, beans dehydrated meals (require hot water) military MRES energy bars/candy bars simple cooking kit: metal pot, spork, metal cup, plate - small backpack stove with 1-3 fuel canisters MRE #3 CLOTHING/SHELTER 2 pairs wool hiking socks 2 pairs underwear 1 extra pair pants (not jeans/100% cotton) 1 thermal underwear 2 extra shirts (1 short/1 long sleeve) 1 mid-weight fleece 1 warm rain jacket 1 heavy-duty military poncho 1 pair waterproof hiking boots reflective emergency blanket 6' x 10' waterproof nylon tarp sleeping bag rated for 30-40 degrees optional: lightweight tent, wool blanket # 4 FIRE, waterproof matches lighters fire steel tinder (store bought or cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly) #5 FIRST AID (12) 1" x 3" adhesive bandages (2) 2" x 4.5" adhesive bandages (3) adhesive knuckle bandages (2) butterfly closure bandages gauze dressing alcohol pads (3) suture kits lip balm #6 TOOLS 10", full tang, fixed blade knife multi-tool wi th #7 LIGHTING screwdriver, pliers, knife and wire-cutters (2) flashlights (one for long distance, one small) optional: glow sticks, candles, LED headlamp #8 COMMUNICATIONS fully-charged cell phone extra charged cell battery or means to charge cell phone (solar unit, hand crank, charging bank) battery or crank AM/ FM radio important documents: driver's license, passport/social security card, medical info, important phone #s, account #s, gun permit detailed maps of surrounding area, state, and other areas you may travel #9 PROTECTION/SELF DEFENSE handgun optional: machete #10 MISCELLANEOUS cash: $1000 minimum toilet paper 200 feet paracord duct tape 100 ft trip wire paper/pencil bible (2) bandanas leather work gloves small knife sharpener rubber tubing small sewing kit (2) heavy duty 30 gal garbage bags P38 can opener binoculars small fishing kit stakes sunglasses whistle insect repellent earplugs compass batteries (2) dust masks bar of soap/hand saniti zer toothbrush/toothpaste 36" length of source: https://www.artofman val-kit/

How to Build a Bug Out Bag 72 Hour Survival Kit

shared by icravecars on Sep 23
With our world getting crazier by the day, lots of people are looking for better ways to be prepared and keep their family safe should an emergency situation arise. Many people are spending thousands ...



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