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Saving Time and Money Using An Online Configurator

How Online Configurators Save Time & Money PanelShop com Customer Driven Controls Start Building Electrical Control Panels Online Most customers understand their electrical control needs, but struggle to find an avenue to get them quoted, engineered and assembled in a timely fashion. Using a configuration tool and development of standards allows for quick: Pricing Assembly Testing Some large manufacturers have configuration tools for their specific products, but only allow distributors access to their: Expertise Drawings Quotes To develop these standards it takes a significant investment of: Time Money Resources 30% SAVINGS FOR SMALL PANELS Typical Order worth $5,000.00 Traditional Method Online Method Vs. Total Rate Hours Hours Rate Total $45.00 $90.00 0.5 Phone Conversation $90.00 $270.00 $90.00 Develop Quote $90.00 3 Receive Order $360.00 $90.00 Engineer Bill of Materials $90.00 4 $360.00 $90.00 Engineering Drawings $90.00 4 $270.00 $45.00 6 Drafting $45.00 $220.00 $55.00 Ordering Parts $55.00 $220.00 4 4 $1,895.00 $1,750.00 Actual Parts $1,400.00 $1,895.00 1 1 $110.00 Printing of Wire Numbers $55.00 2 $55.00 $1,320.00 $55.00 24 Assembly 24 $55.00 $1,320.00 $150.00 $75.00 2 Testing 2 $75.00 $150.00 $5,000 vs. $3,585 VS. Example of Configuration Tool for Variable Speed Drives Part Entry Base Selections System Options AC Drive Configurator ABB ALLEN LENZE SIEMENS ТЕСО WESTINGHOUSE BRADLEY AC TECH Select Series" PowerFlex 700 Base Selections* 240VAC, ЗРН, 60HZ Select Duty Rating* O 110% for 60secs-Variable Torque (Pumps and Fans) O 150% for 60secs-Constant Torque Select HP/kW 25HP / 18.5kW Please Verify Motor FLA 80 Part Entry Base Selections System Options Control Options AC Drive Configurator Select Enclosure Type" NEMA 1 Select Bypass Option* O Yes ONo Select Disconnect Option - (Circuit Breaker if Bypass Selected)* Circuit Breaker Select Reactor Option* Input High Z Select Pulse Braking Option* O Yes ONo Part Entry Base Selections System Options Control Options Drawings & Manuals AC Drive Configurator Select Keypad Option* ODrive Mounted Keypad O Door Mounted Keypad Drive & Door Mounted Keypad Select Manual Devices* ONone OStart PB, Stop PB, HOA, Speed Pot OStart PB, Stop PB, HOA, Speed Pot, FWD/REV, Jog PB Select Pilot Devices* None Drive Running, Drive Fault O Drive Running, Drive Fault, Power On Select Communication Option ONone OProfibus OEthernet/IP ODeviceNet OControlNet Why This Saves You Money? %24 $ Purchasing will be able to get multiple bids from different manufacturers The ability to quote on-line reduces a Standardization in manufacturing will limit risk for customer's time involved in the through our site alone, satisfying multiple bid policy requirements. companies. This is an important factor in spending considerations when selling process. upgrade money is difficult to acquire. f /panelshopdotcom /panelshopdotcom PanelShop com Q+ Customer Driven Controls in /company/2950670 You A Tube •....

Saving Time and Money Using An Online Configurator

shared by panelshop on Jun 18
“Time is money,” the old saying coined by Benjamin Franklin back in 1748 still rings true today and continues to be one of the fundamental principles in business.


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