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Do You Have The Time?

DO YOU HAVE THE TIME? A Survey of American Watch Wearers Taken from Fan Poll at NEW YORK 7.27 IOWA 4.92 NEW JERSEY 6.87 NEW MEXICO 8.57 HAWAII 6.78 NUMBER OF RESPONDENTS 1-10 11-30 31-50 51-100 100+ AVERAGE NUMBER OF WATCHES 3 4 Of the two thousand fans who responded, those with the most watches tend to live in the northeast, in places like New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Pennsylvanía. However, fans from New Mexico own on average 8.57 watches, roughly one watch more than the average New York fan! On top of that, fans from Hawaii own on average 6.78 watches each, followed by lowa's fans. As it turns out, geography places no bounds on the importance of watches. From the hills of New York, to the arid reaches of New Mexico and all the way out to Hawaii, Bulova fans love watches and tend to own multiple. Why? Because Bulova fans, like their wristed counterparts, are designed to be noticed. We continued to break the poll down by age AVERAGE NUMBER OF WATCHES BY GENERATION demographic. Fans of the Boomers II generation (born 1955-1965) own on average the most watches, at 4.33 watches each, while the younger fans of Generation Y (born GEN X 1977-1991) own on average the fewest watches, at 2.27 watches each. Perhaps it's true 3.33 what they say - parents know best. GEN Y 2.27 3.85 BABY BOOMERS 4.33 AVERAGE NUMBER OF WATCHES BY AGE 1.55 4 BOOMERS Il 18-20 2.99 21-30 POST WAR COHORT 3.66 31-40 By and large, younger fans own fewer watches than older fans. But this is not entirely true. Fans 41-50 4.33 in their thirties own on average more watches 51-60 than their parents, as do fans in their forties. 3.56 61-70 4.15 71-80 3.91 BULOVA SINCE 1875 Copyright Bulova Corporation 2011

Do You Have The Time?

shared by Bulova on Nov 30
Not long ago, we posted a poll on our Facebook wall. Over 2,000 respondents later, we were able to gather what we perceive as some insights worth throwing into an infographic designed to illustrate th...




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