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Roosevelt Dimes: Treasures in your Change

TREASURES CHANCE ROOSEVELT DIMES OF AME TATES ABOUT ROOSEVELT DIME The Roosevelt Dime was introduced in 1946 to honor FDR, who had died the previous summer and was a major supporter of March of Dimes (since he had polio). The obverse features the left-facing bust of Franklin Roosevelt. The Reverse features a torch flanked by ONE c 2013 oak and laurel branches. ROOSEVELT DIME ERRORS It's still possible to find treasures in your change, even today! Errors and varieties can range from $5 to $100, with some going for over $1000. INCOD WE AUs 1982 In 1980, the main U.S. Mint in Philadelphia began putting a "P" mint mark on dimes. Some dies were used in 1982 without a mintmark, and can sell for $200 or more. LOOK FOR WHAT DOUBLED DIES REPUNCHED MINTMARK OVER MINTMARK RIB U 1960 This happens when the die slips while the design is being pressed into it. Until 1990, the mint marks were hand-punched onto coin dies. Sometimes the punch would slip. All dies are made in Philadelphia. Sometimes a worker would put the wrong mint mark on a die and have to punch the proper one over it. RARE LINCOLNS STILL FOUND IN CIRCULATION KEY DATES 1949-S Any 1955 1996-W (from mint sets) 1965, 1966,1967 on silver planchet (2.5gr vs clad 2.27gr) 1969-D repunched mintmark 1970-P or -D DDR 1982 no mintmark Infographic brought to you by: G GAINESVILLE COINS [email protected] (813) 482-9300 .COM

Roosevelt Dimes: Treasures in your Change

shared by gainesvillecoins on Mar 27
Find treasures in your change today! Roosevelt dime errors and varieties can turn dimes into dollars. Some dimes are now worth anywhere from $5 to $100, with some going for over $1000. Use this hand i...


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