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Anatomy of a Coin: Beyond Heads and Tails

ANATOMY OF A COIN BEYOND "HEADS" AND "TAILS" Which Is The Obverse? The side with the bust of a ruler or important person is the obverse. If there is no portrait, then the side with the name or symbol of the nation is the obverse. If there is a person on each side, the side with the larger scale image (closer-up) is the obverse. Reverse ("Tails") Obverse ("Heads") Legend The Legend is the principal inscription of the coim Device OF The Device is a feature pressed onto the coin. It can be a bust of a person, or an image or design. STATES Field The Field is the smooth background surface of a coin, that has no letters or other features. Inscriptions Inscriptions are important lettering on the coin, such as the face value, name of the Mottos IN GOD WE TRUS Mottos are inspirational lettering, such as "In God We Trust" or "E Pluribus Unum E DOLLAR SILVER issuing nation, and purity and weight. A FIME SI Rim The Rim is the raised part along the edge on both sides of the coin. A raised rim protects the features of the coin from wear, and allow the coins to be stacked. Mint Mark The Mint Mark is a letter or symbol to identify where the coin was made. Edge The Edge is the "third side" that you roll a coin on. Edges can be plain, reeded, lettered, or Face Value The Face Value or Denomination is the value of Date decorated. The Date shows the year the coin was distributed. Sometimes, coins are made in advance, and some classic bullion coins will keep the same date for many years as a commemoration of the original. the coin as legal tender, excluding any bullion or numismatic value. | Diferent Edges : Plain Edge- Reeded Edge- i Lettered Edge | Decorated Edge. TYPES OF DEVICES US COINS BY LAW MUST HAVE THE FOLLOWING: 1. The obverse must have an "impression emblematic of liberty", with the inscription "LIBERTY and the year date. 2. The reverse must have "the figure or representation of an eagle" (except dimes, nickels and cents), with the inscriptions "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA", "IN GOD WE TRUST and "E PLURIBUS UNUM" and the face value on all coins. * The positions of these features can be amended for specific coins (like the State Quarters) by an Act of Congress. Incuse Devices Relief Devices Devices that rise above the field Devices that are sunk into the field Infographic brought to you by G GAINESVILLE COINS [email protected] .COM (813) 482-9300 AMERI

Anatomy of a Coin: Beyond Heads and Tails

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Did you know a coin has particular anatomy that makes it a coin? Learn the different parts with this handy infographic. It has detailed descriptions of all the images and text you find on coins, what ...


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