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Quick Guide to Painting like a Pro

PAINTING TOOLS FROM BEGINNER TO PRO IN 5 MINS What tools will you need? As one of the simplest DIY tasks, painting doesn't require a huge haul of power tools and equipment. However, if you don't have the right tools, you will certainly be making your life harder than it needs to be! Brushes Painters tape It's important that your brush is clean and completely dry before starting! Rollers Painters tape is used to cover up any areas you don't want to paint. Easy to use, easy to remove! For large areas, you really can't beat a good paint roller ESSENTIAL TOOLS Cloth Paint Scrimping of the paint is an unwise move! Cleaning up any spills before they dry is highly Bucket of water harder to apply and advisable A little bit of water and a cloth is all that's needed to remove any paint spills won't last as long - buy the best you can within budget Prepping the walls Prep work is important to make sure the smooth application or the paint and its longevity. Preparing the walls may seem like a hassle, but it will actually speed up the job when it comes to painting them. 1. Scrape away peeling/cracked paint and sand the area smooth 2. Clean the walls (if dirty) and top of doorways with a damp cloth. 3 Consider using a primer - a primer will hide stains, hide dark colours and increase the longevity of the paint. 4. Use painters tape to line the edge of the wall, or sides of light switches etc. 5. Stir your paint thoroughly before beginning to paint TOP TIPS Always paint with a wet edge, and always paint from the dry area of the wall to the already wet painted area - this prevents brush strokes/roller marks. Paint the edges of the walls, trim etc. first. Take your time with this. Allow to dry and then go for the bulk of the wall with the roller. Infographic designed by The Hireman, a leading tool hire company based in London. MAN

Quick Guide to Painting like a Pro

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Tips and tricks on how to paint like a professional, including tools and preparation methods.







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