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Should I D.I.Y. Or Do I Hire An Interior Designer?

D.I,Y. VS, HIRING AN INTERIOR DESIGNER You want to make some home improvements, but would it be better to do it yourself or hire in a professional? USUALLY THE FIRST THING WE'D THINK ABOUT IS £££MONEY£££ SO LET'S START WITH THE MATHS THE THE MATHS PG I AVG. COST OF INTERIOR DESIGN: per room £500 - Ł950 Let's keep it simple and say Ł725 THE MATHS PG 2 THE MATHS PG 2 THE COST OF YOUR TIME To review this fairly, we'll compare this to the average cost of your time. AVERAGE UK SALARY: £27,000 per year AVERAGE HRS UK EMPLOYEES WORK PER YEAR: (Based on a permanent employee working 5 days a week) 8.5 HRS/DAY x 233 WORKING DAYS = 1980.5 HRS Therefore, the average UK worker earns about £13.63 per hour ROUGHLY SPEAKING... . to keep your D.I.Y. cheaper than hiring an interior designer, you need to organise and manage the room renovation in around... 53 HOURS 24 RS 5 HRS Which would take you roughly WORKING DAYS 9AM SPM 9AM SPM 9AM SPM 9AM SPM 9AM SPM 9AM SPM Or 18 EVENINGS 6PM 9PM 6PM 9PM 6PM 9PM 6PM 9PM 6PM 9PM 6PM 9PM 6PM 9PM 6PM 9PM 6PM • 9PM 6PM (9PM 6PM 9PM 6PM 9PM 6PM (9PM 6PM 9PM 6PM 6PM • 9PM • 9PM 6PM 9PM 6PM (, 9PM (If you worked3 hours per evening, which seems reasonable as on average Brits watch 4 hours of TV everyday.) IS THIS COST AND TIME FEFFECTIVE FOR YOU? FINANCIAL SAVINGS BY USING AN INTERIOR DESIGNER Has better Knows where to get bargains from negotiation power with tradesmen Will work to your pre-decided budget YOU CAN ALSO BENEFIT FROM THEIR Natural creativity Mockups of the room Understanding of the room layout AND IMPORTANTLY Their time being spent instead of yours 80 WHY D.I.Y? There are great benefits to doing it yourself too! You'll feel a You can create exactly what you want great sense of achievement You might potentially learn new skills You can enjoy yourself And it is likely to be the cheapest option. HOW DO YOU MAKE THE DECISION? #1DECIDE YOUR BUDGET Before On average we Brits spend.. planning anything, figure out how much you are going to spend! £232 on painting a room £990 on garden improvements £3,000 £3,825 £6,300 on a new bathroom on a nursery on a new kitchen HARD EARNED CASH FIND OUT WHAT YOUR MONEY IS WORTH Once you've decided your budget, see what interior designers are willing to offer for your money. ?? Ask the interior designer about similar projects they've completed within your budget. Think about whether you'd like something similar or not. #3 THINK ABOUT YOU Are you creative? Would you enjoy renovating the room? How much time do you have available? Consider your own skills and personal situation. ULTIMATELY, THE DECISION IS YOURS! THIS HAS BEEN A VIVIDDOORS INFOGRAPHIC SOURCES /a/cost-guides/guide-to-interior-design-fees /average-uk-wage-is-27000-so-how-does-your-salary-compare/ /news/business-16082186 /politics/reality-check/2013/oct/08/spend-more-time-online-or-watching-tv-internet /home/item/aid/635042 /femail/article 2400034/As-proud parents-splash average-3-825-nursery-baby-expensive-bedroom-house.html /resources/cost-guides/painting-a-room/

Should I D.I.Y. Or Do I Hire An Interior Designer?

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When it comes to home improvement, many people wonder whether it's quicker and cheaper to do it yourself or to hire somebody to do it for you; we have collected some facts and figures to help you deci...


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