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Practice Makes Perfect

PRACTICE/Perfect MAKES 7 10,000 Hours Of Practice To Be Exact Contrary to popular belief it's not always innate genius or talent that will make you a success It's all about the hours of work that you put in, which means ANYONE can do it THE 10,000 HOUR RULE states: ARE YOU ENGAGING IN DELIBERATE PRACTICE? YES NO it takes 1. Practicing your skill 1. Mindless repetition TEN THOUSAND 2. Constantly striving for improvement 2. Watching an expert perform HOURS 3. Teaching other people 3. Monitoring your performance 4. Only doing the things you are already good at 4. Evaluating your success DELIBERATE! 5. Working on the aspects you're 5. Staying in your comfort zone not good at PRACTICE to become an ( HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE? Let's do the Math EXPERT 9.6 there are 8,765 HOURS IN A YEAR 4.8 3.6 2.4 a person with a full time job works () 2,080 HOURS PER YEAR HOURS / WEEK 40 60 80 see it in ACTION CURRENT NET WORTH $61 BILLION 2 BILLION ALBUMS SOLD BILL GATES THE BEATLES 1968 X 1957 John and Paul meet and form Young Bill joins Computer Club completes his first computer program at age 13 the band The Quarry Men IZZZ 1971 Spends all his free time in the computer center at the University of Washington 1960 Play in Hamburg, Germany for four months. They performed for 5 hours every night. 1973 ZZZXXI 1964 Took four more trips to Hamburg. Spends his senior year of high school working as a programmer under the guise of "independent study" First burst of success arrives after playing an estimated 1,200 shows 1965 1975 Gates drops out of Harvard and launches Microsoft The Beatles arrive in America they have logged over 10,000 hours onstage He is way past 10,000 hours Get a COACH Surround yourself with like minded individuals STEPS Don't waste deliberately 3 BUILD EXPERT to time on the PRACTICE CHEAT the RULE SMALL STUFF HABITS 6. teach others Find someone to kick your butt if you fall off track developed by presented by Connect with professionals and experts Zintro 20

Practice Makes Perfect

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Practice makes perfect. Or, 10,000 hours of practice makes perfect. See for yourself.





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