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History of success to inspire your business

History of success to inspire your business Business lessons every entrepreneur should learn More about startups: IBM hp (intel) 1911 1939 1968 The New York Times Bestseller How a Group et Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital the intel trinity untill Revolution 1969 the INNOVATORS The IBM Century Cnting the IT Rmlation Walter Isaacson c Carly Fiorina How Robert Noyce, Gordon Moore and Andy Grove Built the World's Most Important Campany Tough Choices Michael S. Malone 1970 ATARI 1972 HMicrosoft 1975 Gates Quick Reads by Stephen Manes and Paul Andrews ATARI Inc. SCREW IT, LET'S DO IT LESSONS Business Is fun Paul Allen IN LIFE IDEA MAN ARAN RICHARD BRANSON Marty Goldberg Curt Vendel A Memoir by e nder of Mierosoft HowMIcro toftS mogulreinnted an industry dmdbamttho cchest man in America 1970 1976 ORACLE 1977 SOFTIAR Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson Jony Ive The Genius Behind Apple's Greatest Products By Leander Kahney Becoming Steve Jobs LARRY ELLISON ORACLE MATTHEW SYMONDS WITE ERRENTA ELI P XAR 1986 1980 0 CREATIVITY, INC. DVERCOMING THE UNSEEN FBRCES THAT STAND IN THE WAY OF TRUE INSPIRATION ED CATMULL Fresident et PAR IEY wite ACr 1111E SEE TEFE SEF B. id 1991 1994 YAHOO! 1994 N Netscape 1994 ebay 1995 NETFLIX 1997 MASTERS ATINAL MARISSA NETSCAPE the th Peject store TIME everything store MAYER t Nertve HOW TWO GUYS CREATED AN EMPIRE AND TRANSFORMED POP CULTURE NETFLONEO THE MAKING JEFF BEZOS AND THE AGE OF AMAZON OF THE BILLION-DOLLAR START-UP THAT TOOK ON AND THE FIGHT TO SAVE YAHOO! MICROSOFT Adam Cohen BRAD STONE The Epic Battle for America's Eyeballs e ng C sere y ng NICHOLAS CARLSON JIM CLARK INSIDE EBAY DAVID KUSHNER with Owen Edwards Gina Keating (1990 PayPal 1998 Google salesforce 1999 Zappos 1998 37signals 1999 1999 THE NEW VORK MES BESTSELLER The Satties with eay, the Meda the Hata and the Rest of Panet Earth WALL STRET JOURNAL BESTSELLER PayPal IN JOIN THE MOV DELIVERING Happiness Getting Real VALUE PRICED AT $14.98 Behind the Cloud Wars The smarter, fuster, easier way to build a successful web application A PATH TO PROFITS PASSION AND PURPOSE TONY HSIEH CEO, Inc. e con the untold story of how went from idea to billion-dollar company Irevolutionized an industry com HOW GOOGLE THINKS, WORKS. Marc Benioff AND SHAPES OUR LIVES POWEREDbySERVI ChaCO te and Carlye Adler STEVEN LEVY UNABRIDGED ON E CD Eric M. Jackson READ BY THE AUTHOR AUTROR OF HAEKERS VINSY T NOTES BOOK AWA FLATURIN SPEDIAL CONERSATIO w ATR BRR facebook. 2004 Y Combinator 2005 twitter 2006 zendesk 2007 GROUPON 2008 HATCHING TWITTER "The Social Net work, hehtiipatemevie pte re n Mrie The Acidetal ni t e is THE INSIDE STORY OF HOW MULI THE LAUNCH PAD ONE INSANt GAMBLE, TONS OF UNBELIEVABLE HYPE, AND MILLIONS OF WILD DEALS MADE BILLIONS FOR ONE BALLSY JOKER NOW A MAJOR INDIDE STARTUP LAND MOTION 2000 PICTURE THE ACCIDENTAL STORY OF POWER, BILLIONAIRES THE FOUNDING OF FACEBOOK A TRUE MONE FRIENDSHIPD BETRAYAL, OCO How Three Gus Risked fventhing to Turn an dea Into a Global o MOST O GROUPON'S BIGGEST DEAL EVER SCHOOL STARTUPS NICK BILTON C ST AND REPORTER FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES MIKKEL SVANE FOUNDER A CEO. ZENDESK INC wCAREA OSEY-ASS Ben Mezrich FRANK SENNETT NATIONAL BESTSELLER RANDALL STROSS HE GROWTH ENGINES 2010 Sacssk Suns CHoc Etaordrary Goh ySen Morpn o tho Guoiocom Tram eENTED STATES OP

History of success to inspire your business

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We created infographic about game changers connected with IT services. You can see who they are (if somehow you don't know) and when they started. Maybe it will inspire you to become one of them... faster.



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