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I Want to Make an Animated Movie

I WANT TO MAKE AN ANIMATED MOVIE Do I have he wants to change the script I WRITE THE SCRIPT Yes BUT It's the story of a hedgehog who goes, looking for a new family. CONCEPTION an Does he produce the film? idea? • SCENE 19bis • It's winter and he's on a snowmobile I SHOW IT TO A PRODUCER read comics on a frozen lake. 0oaaaaam !!!!!!!!!!!! It's more modern - SCENE 19. Find some funny and heartbreaking • SCENE 21. : * He's having a snow ball fight with a beaver. It's winter and he's Ok **** iceskating on a frozen lake. : scenes Witizz! HE BUYS THE MOVIE! he wants a BUT story-board The story-board is ready -PRE- OUCH Buy hedgehogs + Documentation Drawings before drawings? PRODUCTION 572 pencils 9 330 erasers 70.000 trace sheets 303 boxes of aspirin ......*** transform the Yes story-board into a comic book Do I know how to draw? I CREATE THE CHARACTERS HEDGEHOG MUSEUM Contact publishers LIBRARY Buy some material Yes Hedgehog..DAVID the antihero . -Snake .Gregory the cunning .......... I take some lessons + -Hyena . 6lémence the joker.. What animation Are there hyenas PRODUCTION NEVERMIND, in hedgehog land? technique will I use? it's a kid's movie. 2D 600 cartoonists 200 colourists 150 set painters 75 interns I HIRE A TEAM 4 650 engineers 235 graphic designers 104 IT staff 82 interns T HIRE A NEW TEAM and 1836 hotdogs! P and 3725 coffees + I DIVIDE MY TEAMS MIN-LIGIC SECTIN. S0 SPLAY r PSITION ir.e cos- Create 30 softwares TEAM 1 > TEAM 2 >TEAM 3 POST draw trace colour (cheaters!) • Hyena's hair no choice- PRODUCTION Snake's skin ve • SCENE 7. + The hedgehog's parents get killed by a car. to sell Hedgehog's spines + I dont have a software for the spines yet. some 30-glasses .... Use a Sea Urchin software Voice Casting + O= and change the code then. I DIVIDE MY TEAMS ..... THE PRODUCER WANTS TO DO THE FILM IN 3D *** .. ***** PROBLEM with Scene 7 TEAM 3 animate the muzzle's the debate hairs TEAM 1 animate the eyes TEAM 4 animate TEAM 2 MOVIE RELEASE animate the muzzle The cartoonists cant draw anymore. (They cant stop crying)- •SCENE 8 "Does a hedgehog really have hairs on his muzzle?" Get a celebrity to be the voice of the hedgehog mobil ringtones- Non -EXPORT THE MOVIE distribution TV BROADCASTS promotion MERCHANDISING - video game We'll put his name on the poster soft toy too annoying the hedgehog's? Even in coutries where there are no hedgehogs? SPINES AND CO Export I LOOK FOR A CUTE TITLE: Pic-nic with Clemence CROSSING THE ROAD No the celebrity's! Yes. hedgehogs CANAL+ SHOOTING A FILM ISN'T THAT SIMPLE CANAL+ SUPPORTS THOSE WHO MAKE MOVIES

I Want to Make an Animated Movie

shared by judithgold on Jan 28
Have you ever wanted to make an animated movie? This infographic takes a look at how to make an animated film, with step by step instructions and ideas.




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