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How to Finance your Next Film

brought to you by = HOW TO FINANCE YOUR FILM The average hollywood film costs a (crazy) $50 million dollars (much of that going to some big name actor) but you're probably working with a budget of less than $100,000. (big name actor) Steps to get your next film funded Get Noticed! First, set up a Look professional É be ready to sell yourself production company Open a business bank account. so how & who? Public & Private grants Do your research. See what is out there in the form of "free" money. Apply to as many grants that are applicable to what you are doing. BANK Approach patrons of the Arts Find local businesses who have invested in films before. к Crowdfunding Websites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo are not only a great way to get money, you also can drum up interest in your product by getting your potential viewers involved. Lenders (bank loans) These are typically harder to secure and usually require some type of asset as collateral. INVESTORS This one is probably the toughest... first you have to find them and then convince them your idea is worth investing in. S. how do you do that? • Create a trailer • Build a Website • Write a Business plan • Design a Pitch deck, and/or a press kit. AAAAAMA OFFICIAL SELECTION In addition to investors, hit the festival scene with small projects. The more notoriety and awards (not to mention prize money) you have, the easier it is to get big name investors to look your way. Look what we discovered BETA • a free, members-only service that allows slated : filmakers to communicate with investors. final cuts Don't get family involved. Family is forever and if your film doesn't become a block- buster hit, Christmas dinner many not be so great. Steer clear of credit cards. You have to paythem back and usually at a much higher rate than many other sources of funding. Don't sell your kidneys... you never know if you'll need them. created by Feedbac making it easier for animators, filmakers, production companies.. to collaborate on=scripts, storyboards, and video projects.

How to Finance your Next Film

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This is an infographic that explains how to get your next film project funded including the process and what you will need when approaching investors.


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