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How To Save For Emergencies - Part 2

+5 Tips TO SAVE For Emergencies PART 2 GODAY BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE FINANCIAL GURU'S AT FAST CASH. CLICK AND GO! Don't wait until you have more money to start saving for emergencies. We'll show you how to start small with the "5 S's of Emergency Saving" Check Out Our Cafe At BLOG.GODAY.CA For More Financial Tips! Bonus Tip! Start Small Don't delay saving because it seems like a daunting task. Start small. A popular saving technique is putting aside a dollar for whatever week of the year you're in. Example? 15 weeks into the year? Put aside $15. Áverage it out if week 52 might seem too much ;) Schedule It SET UP A TFSA ACCOUNT TO STORE YOUR EMERGENCY NEST EGG Pay yourself first! If you have all of your bills come out of your bank account automatically, see if your bank has options for automatic transfers between your own accounts. If it comes out immediately when you get paid, chances are you won't even miss a few extra dollars. Sacrifice Have a habit you could kick that would loosen up a little extra cash? A'morning coffee shop run? Lunch out more than once a week? Cutting back on those habits once a week and stashing that money into your emergency fund will add up fast. $$$ $$$ $$$ Save Your Refund A lot of people decide to spend their income tax refund on trips and novelties they otherwise wouldn't be spending on. While a little treat might be nice, limit that to no more than 10% of your refund. Ă smart choice would be to put half of the remaining amount onto some kind of debt and save the other half for yourself. Start A Coin Jar This might seem silly but trust us, coin accumulates super fast for us Canadians, and throwing all but $2 of your loose change into a jar at the end of each week will add up. Even throwing $5 of change into a jar each week would equal $280 in a year. That's not a bad start! GET A FUSS-FREE LOAN WITH GODAY.CA TODAY! NEW CUSTON\ERS CAN APPLY FOR UP TO $500! APPLY NOW

How To Save For Emergencies - Part 2

shared by on Apr 25
You know the saying...if you wait until an emergency happens to start preparing, it's already too late. Money can be tight, but preparing for a short or even long term emergency/survival situation is ...


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