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Essential Survival Kit Infographic

ESSENTIAL MODERN SURVIVAL KIT WATER MEDICATIONS There should be at least an Portable water in suitable containers for inmediate drink-ability, and a water filter for purifying after you run out of bottled water even-day supply of any prescription and non-prescription medications used by family members FOOD МАТCHES High calorie foods such as high calorie energy bars or MRE (meals-ready-to-eat) are vital to mantain sufficient energy to keep going Keeping a lighter and a fire starter in addition to matches are a good idea EXTRA CLOTHING РОСКЕТ KNIFE Even if it's warm outside, if you get in trouble without extra clothes, hypothermia becomes a risk. A multi-purpose tool with a knife is ideal BODY WARMERS МАР Bring reflectrive "aluminized" space blanket or survival blanket to retain body heat, catalytic heater and bottled gas fuel Simply having a good map of the region you're in could get you out of trouble SHELTER COMPASS Small tent, tarp with grommets, large plastic trash bag as poncho or expedient shelter roof Is ideal for establishing bearings while used in conjunction with a map SUNGLASSES FLASHLIGHT There are some grate sunglasses out there that will enhance your vision, provide polarization for water or snow, and will prevent eye fatigue And extra batteries. A LED flashlight, preferably a head-mounted style, is the best choice SANITATΤION PERSONAL DOCS Toilet paper, hygiene products, soap, hand-towel and any other body care products you may need Important personal documents like proof of address, insurance policies, birth certificates and passports should be stored together in an area with easy access in case of a natural disaster FIRST AID KIT WEATHER RADIO Keep at least the basics: band aids, sterile, gauze, desinfectant, first aid manual, medical tape, medical scissors, disposable gloves, tweezers, cotton swabs and a thermometer A small weather radio will keep you informed of the conditions outside and where to seek shelter or emergency personnel during and after a natural disaster EXTRA CASH CELL PHONE Extra cash will enable you to purchase the supplies you did not include and other necessary items The towers may be down following a natural disaster, but emergency personnel will get them repaired fast for communication SURVIVAL MASTERY Source:

Essential Survival Kit Infographic

shared by samuelsamuel on Feb 12
Essential items for survival modern kit for any kind of emergency


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