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How To Keep Bugs Out Of Your Tent: An EPIC Guide

HOW TO KEEP ANNOYING BUGS OUT OF YOUR TENT NO BUGS ΑND ENJOY YOUR TIME OUTDOORS Choose an insect-proof tent or make your tent bug proof by yourself. Fix zipper problems, holes in the fabric, and holes in the mosquito mesh. Seal off the inside of your tent when setting up. CHOOSE THE RIGHT LOCATION TO SET UP CAMP Say yes to breezy locations. Avoid stagnant Don't camp near trash bins. water sources. Avoid dense trees Avoid thick infected and vegetation. campsites. Use powerful bug repellents, both natural and artificial. Herbs such as mint, When you cook, use garlic, onions and citrus fruits as they are great deterrents and classic flavoring ingredients too. lemongrass, basil, sage, and thyme keep the bugs away. Keep your bathroom place at a distance Use unscented skin and hair products Avoid using artificial light Build a smoke source COOL DOWN YOUR TENT Pay attention to temperature control. STAY HYDRATED Don't attract bugs with trash lying around your tent area. de KEEP YOUR CAMPSITE CLEAN That keeps bugs such as mosquitos from biting you. Gear Up HIKING

How To Keep Bugs Out Of Your Tent: An EPIC Guide

shared by assenstoyanchev on Mar 28
Learn how to keep insects and bugs out of your tent when hiking, backpacking or just camping in nature. These are pro tips that really work.


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