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The Different Parts Of A Tent Explained [Dead-Simple]

WHAT ARE THE PARTS OF A TENT Α ΤΕT AND THEIR PURPOSE ΤΕNT BODY This is the part of the tent that includes the floor and either bug netting or breathable fabric top. BATHTUB FLOOR The floor of a tent needs to be waterproof and have protection from running water outside the tent. The bathtub floor wraps up the sides, usually to the height of the door. RAIN FLY This is a waterproof cover made to fit the shape of the tent. It goes over the main tent body to allow rain to run off the sides. TENT POLES These will form the frame of your tent, holding it up off of you. The main materials are fiberglass, aluminum, or carbon fiber. TENT POLE SLEEVES OR CLIPS Tent bodies have either a sleeve that you put the tent pole through or clips that allow you to attach the tent body to the poles. This is what holds the tent up and keeps the fabric out away from the inside of the tent. ΤΕNT PEGS To anchor both the tent and guy lines to the ground, tent pegs are pounded into the dirt. GUY LINES This is a cord that attaches to the tent that you can anchor to the ground with tent pegs. TIE OUT POINTS Usually located on the rain fly, tie out points allow you to attach guy lines to help reinforce the structural stability of your tent. VENTS Since the rain fly is waterproof, many designs have vents near the top to allow moisture to get out of the tent. BUG NETTING Aside from protecting you from the elements, the other big role a tent plays is to protect you from bugs. VESTIBULES Think of these as the porch of your tent. Most often part of the rain fly, the vestibules are created when the rain fly is larger than the tent, giving you an area, protected from the rain outside the main body of the tent. Gear Up HIKING

The Different Parts Of A Tent Explained [Dead-Simple]

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An infographic describing the parts of a camping tent in an easy and understandable way.


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