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Have a Hangover Free 2015

HANGOVER FRER IN 2015 A NEW YEAR, A NEW YOU! Resolve to be hangover free in 2015 with these pro-tips. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR Mix a teaspoon or two with honey and water and you'll be well on your way to straightening up. TIGER BALM Dab a little of this all-herbal ointment on the back of your neck and a bit more on your temples and sayonara, headache. SWEAT IT OUT Go for a run. Hit the weight room. Detox in the sauna – anything that gets you sweaty will also get you hangover-free. NEW YEAR'S FUN FACTS NEW YEAR'S IS THE THERE ARE AMERICANS DRINK ONLY 14 360 MILLION GLASSES OLDEST HOLIDAY FIRST OBSERVED 4000 POSSIBLE CALENDAR COMBINATIONS YEARS AGO IN 2015 YOU CAN REUSE CALENDARS FROM 2009, 1998, 1987, 1981, 1970 OF SPARKLING WINE DURING NEW YEAR'S B VITAMINS Pop some B vitamins as soon as you wake up...or chug an Emergen-C - replenish those minerals you lost the night before! COFFEE Coffee has caffeine. Caffeine has been shown to alleviate headaches. Go strong and go big! JUICE Hungover? Then you're also dehydrated. You need to restore your electrolytes. SMOOTHIES Smoothies help to coat your stomach and have natural sugars to give you a boost. Try a Banana & Strawberry smoothie – it's high in potassium to help with aching muscles. Yum! NEW YEAR'S DAY BONUS TIPS Be sure to eat leafy greens on New Year's. Tradition LEAFY GREENS says that the more leafy greens a person eats, the more prosperity he or she will experience (what an incentive for staying healthy!). Tradition also says that legumes bring prosperity & LEGUMES because beans and peas look like coins. No wonder why so many people eat black eyed peas on Jan. 1. GREASY SPOON A heavy, fatty meal absorbs much of the alcohol still in your system. HAIR OF THE DOG The thought of more alcohol sounds like a bad idea, we know. But according to some, there is no substitute for a Bloody Mary to kick a mind-numbing hangover. BREAKFAST Grease, sugar, and protein. Breakfast has it all. Bergata HOTE GASINO & SPA ATLANTIC CITY PRESENTED BY BORGATA HOTEL CASINO & SPA Pro-tip from Borgata: Try the Ultimate Bloody Mary or Mimosa from The Metropolitan - a surefire way to bite the dog that bit ya'! SOURCES:

Have a Hangover Free 2015

shared by nchess001 on Dec 22
While we're planning out New Year’s Eve parties, we also put a little thought into New Year's Day. Especially, how you’ll be feeling come the morning. You know, like when it feels like two monke...




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