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How To Choose A New Year's Resolution (and keep it)

HOW TO CHOOSE A NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION (and keep it). Most people have a hard time keeping resolutions. If you make it to April 1st, you're more likely to keep it all year. Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul 71% keep it by January 14 50% by April 1 46% by July 1 Kiboo Tip: Plan to check in and evaluate how you're doing. You're more likely to succeed with a buddy... Studies show that people are more likely to achieve a long-term goals when they do it with a friend. Furthermore, 39% of people in their twen- ties successfully achieve resolutions while less than 15% of those over 50 do. 39% 15% Kiboo Tip: Do a resolution with a young friend, not with Mom or Dad. TOP 5 NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS 2013 3. Improve health 4. Lose weight 5. Further education 1. Get fit 2. Improve financial situation Here's how to keep them! All'of the most popular resolutions are vague, so here are some concréte (and monetary) ways to keep them: 1. Get Fit Commit to a Plan to go at least 5 hours per week. gym membership. Average cost per month: Time you spend weekly (hours): $110* 19.6 $80 8.4 $55 *cigarettes watching gym membership coffee дуm TV games Kiboo Tip: If you think you can't afford it, get rid of a not-so-healthy monthly cost. Kiboo Tip: If you think you don't have time, cut into some not-so-healthy activities. "Average pack is $5.51, assuming a person smokes 5 packs per week. 2. Improve Financial Situation Pay more than your monthly credit card bill's minimum. Otherwise, it will take you the following number of years to pay off: Outstanding balance $500 $1,000 12% APR 2.4 years 5.8 years 16% APR 2.6 years 6.7 years 20% APR 2.8 years 7.3 years "Assumes you pay %1 of an outstanding balance plus accrued monthly interest or a $20 payment. Create a monthly budget for yourself. Here's a breakdown of the average American's budget. 33.8% housing 16.7% transportation 13.0% food 10.9% insurance 7.5% utilities 6.7% healthcare 5.2% entertainment 4.1% other expenses 2.1% education Kiboo Tip: Remember to set aside some money for saving. 3. Improve Health 1/2 of Americans adults say they need help managing stress. Kiboo Tip: You can reduce stress with daily vitamins, healthy eating, and more sleep. Quit smoking (cold turkey). 75% of suc- cessful quitters completely stop using ciga- rettes rather than gradually slowing. Reduced rate quit before of dying from smoking if 90% you.. quit before 5o 50% 4. Lose Weight People who lose and keep off 30 pounds of excess weight for 5 years exercised a mere 1 hour daily. 5. Further Education Choose a set amount to save per month for school. On average, an individual uses 8.5% of their annual income and savings to pay for their college education, while par- ents use about 12% for their children's. Average total tuition and fees by type of higher education institution: 2 year $24,875 4 year $15,315 $12,725 $13,858 $6,373 $2,156 Public Private Private not-for-profit for-profit "Based on 2008-2009 academic year. Public tuition considered for in-state students only. Kiboo Tip: Search for financial aid opportunities. The most popular ways to pay for school: Employee Training Programs Merit-based scholarships Savings Grants Private Loans Pell Grants Work Study Good luck! And for more money and lifestyle tips, visit Sources: Club Industry, Club Manager Central. Gym Membership Statistics. The Frugal Toad. Smoking Cigarettes is Hazardous to Your Financial Life. The Consumerist. Average American Workers Spends Nearly $1,100/Year On Coffee Bureau of Labor Statistics. American Time Use Survey Summary. American Cancer Society Guide to Quitting Smoking. US News Health. Best Diets Overall. MedlinePlus. NLM's Director Comments Transcript Personalized Weight Loss Program Costs Less US Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics. 2007-08 National Postsecondary Student Aid Study (NPSAS:OB) Student Financial Aid Estimates for 2007-08, Selected Findings. HubPagas. Top Ten New Year's Resolutions 2013. The New York Times SundayReview. Be It Resolved. Reuters. US gasoline prices rose in 2007: survey. CNNMoney. Tuition at public collagas rises 4.8%. autoblog. Average price of new car sales transaction hits $30,748. an all-time record Bureau of Labor Statistics. Databases, Tables & Calculators by Subject RITA. 2nd-Quarter Domestic Air Fares Rose 4.1% from 2nd Quarter 2011. RITA, Average First-Quarter Domestic Air Fares Rose 4.4 Percent from 2007, Top 100 Airports Highest Fare in Cincinnati, Lowest Fare at Atlantic City. Economic and Social Research Counci. If you plan, then yoDu'll do.but it helps to have a friend. National Center for Education Statistics. Tuition and Foos, Student Loans, and Dafault Rates. Kibao Copyright e 2012 Kiboo LLC. All Rights Reserved. **---

How To Choose A New Year's Resolution (and keep it)

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Read the top 5 resolutions in America. Then, follow our tips on how to keep yours.




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