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Brewing Great Coffee

CLIVE COFFEE BREW GREAT COFFEE AT HOME A quide to optimize your coffee brewer BREW FORMULA This refers to the ratio of coffee grounds to water. The recommended formula is 65-70 grams coffee for 1,000 to 1,100 grams water STRENGTH "Rrength is commonly used to describe the intensity of brewed coffee. This term refers to the with a brew time between EXTRACTION "Extraction" commonly refers to the types of flavor present In brewed coffee. This s directly Influenced by brew factors (outlined below). This term refers to the percentage of solubles (dissolved coffee solids) within your cup. 5 to 8 minutes. concentration of solubles (dissolved coffee solids) within your cup. UNDER EXTRACTION Does your coffe taste grany orprmat-like bitsag laching in sweetness or havea lachkesterfirish? TOO WEAK TOO STRONG OVER Does your coffee taste gritty with high intensity of flavor? Does your coffee taste EXTRACTION Duesvur caffeetasle biter diluted with low or astringent?isit dally intensity offlavor? or ehibit a vaiety of harsh flavors? YES YES YES YES NO Intensty may not bean Issue. Referto Extraction Did it brew less than Intersity may not be an issue. Did it brew more than 5 minutes? 8 minutes? Did it brew less than Did it brew less than 5 minutes? Refer to Strength 8 minutes? YES YES YES YES NO NO DECREAȘE DOSE You may beusing too much coffee. Decrease INCREASE DOSE Vau may not be using enaugh caffee. Inceane dose 12 gansat a time. This adustnentmay extend your bewtime. coffe dose by 1-2 gans atatime. This adjustment nay shorten yaur Irew time FINER GRIND This adustment will slow the flow of water, extend the brewing time and allow more flavor to extract. COARSERGRIND This adjustment will speed the flow of water, reduce brewing time and prevent extraction of too many flavors. Still brewing more than 8 minutes? Stil brewing Intensity may not bean kssue. less than Stil brewing Intensity may not be an Issue. Still brewing 5 minutes? Refer to Extraction less than more than Refer to Strength 5 minutes? 8 minutesi YES YES YES YES COARSER GRIND INCREASE DOSE FINERGRIND This adjustment will slow the flow of water This adjustment will speed the flow of water and derease the amount Youmay not be using encugh coflee Incease dose 1-2 grams ata time This adjustnent may DECREASE DOSE You may be using too much coffee, Decrease aflee dose by 1-2 gam Thie utment and increase the amount of time your coffee of time your coffee may shorten yaur brew tine. extend your brew tine. If issues persist If issues persist, brews. brews. check other brew check other brew factors below. factors below, Remember, taste Is subjective! Make adjustments that best sult your flavor preferences. BREW FACTORS (000 PARTICLE SIZE Coffee particle size directly Loss of flavor , staleness and influences flavor extraction. STORAGE WATER QUALITY Good brewing calls for WATER TEMPERATURE AGE OF COFFEE EQUIPMENT Keeping your tools clean is essential in prolonging your Water temperature influences Exposure to air, light, heat and moisture can negatively Impact the flavor of coffee. Storing coffee in an air tight container away filtered water with some how coffee extracts while rancidfication of oils are often mineral content, Distilled brewing. Maintaining a water temperature within 195°F -205°F (92 - 96 °C) will liberate optimal of grind sizes for home Invest in a burr grinder that the result of coffee that has been can offer appropriate range brewers life in addition to resting too long after roast. For this brewing method, it is recommended to use beans within Keep the carafe and filter water has no mineral directly influencing the content whille tap water, quality of flavor extraction. from light and molsture will help although safe to consume, flavors within a reasonable brewing. to preserve the volatile aromatics that contribute to flavor. tends to have too much. brewing time. a week from roast. basket free from oll build up and coffee residue. CREATED BY JEN MACIAS

Brewing Great Coffee

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Check out the interactive full-resolution version of the infographic. This brew guide is non-denominational, and can be used to help you dial in and learn more for both auto-drip and hand brewed; pre...




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