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2015 Adobe Fireworks CC Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Fw 2015 ADOBE CC FIREWORKS KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS CHEAT SHEET esc F6 F10 12 show slices A hotspots % & pointer # 3 J'tool 4 5 6. 7 8 delete scale tool magic wand blur tool text tool knife tool rectangle tool eye dropper freeform tool pen tool eraser { } T tab rubber stamp stroke /t full screen paint bucket con hand tool slice tool enter : caps lock G H return Swap stroke A til color marquee took crop toot brush tool line tool zoom tool > shift V B shift alt alt control command 8 H command option fn option Tools Magnification SHORTCUTS SHORTCUTS Path Scrubber tool - additive Path Scrubber tool - subtractive Pointer tool V, 0 V, 0 Fit Selection Cmd 0 (zero) Ctrl 0 (zcro) Select Behind tool V, 0 V, 0 100 % Magnification Cmd+1 Ctrl+1 A, 1 Eyedropper tool 200 % Magnification Subselection tool A, 1 Cmd 2 Ctrl+2 Marquee tool M M Paint Bucket tool G 3200 % Magnification Cmd+3 Crl+3 Oval Marquee tool Gradient tool G. G 400 % Magnification Cmd+4 Ctrl+4 Lasso tool L L. Eraser tool E E 50 % Magnification Cmd+5 Ctrl+5 Polygon Lasso tool Blur tool 6400 % Magnification Cmd 6 Ctrl+6 Crop tool Sharpen tool Rotate 90 CCw Cmd+7 Ctrl+7 Export Area tool Dodge tool 800 % Magnification Cmd-8 Ctrle8 Magic Wand tool Burn tool Rotate 90 CW Cmd+9 Ctrl+9 Line tool Smudge too! Pen tool Rubber Stamp tool Filter Rectangle too Replace Color tool SHORTCUTS Ellipse tool Red Eye Removal Polygon tool Knife tool Y Repeat Filter Cmd+Opt Shift+X Ctrl+Alt Shift-X Text tool Rectangle Hotspot tool J J Adjust Color Pencil tool B Circle Hotspot tool J Auto Levels Cmd+Opt Shift+A Ctrl+Alt+Shift-A Vector Path tool P Polygon Hotspot tool J Invert Cmd+Opt+Shift+l Ctrl+Alt+Shift-1 Redraw Path tool Slice tool K. Brush tool B Polygon Slice tool K K Scale tool Hand tool Keystrokes with Arrows Skew tool Zoom tool Distort tool Hide/Show Slices 9-slice scaling tool Default Stroke and Fill Colors D D. Superselect Cmd+Up arrow Cirl+Up arrow Freeform tool Swap Stroke and Fill Cotors Subselect Cmd+Down arrow Ctrl+Down arrow Reshape Area tool Toggle Screen Mode F Objects & Text View SHORTCUTS SHORTCUTS Fit All Cmd+Opt+0 Ctrl+Alt+0 Zoom Out Cmd+- Ctrl+ Align Objects Left Cmd+Opt+1 Ctrl+Alt+1 Zoom In Cmd+= Crl+s "Align Objects Center Vertical" Cmd+Opt+2 Crl+Alt+2 Fit Selection Cmd+Opt+0 Ctrl+Alt+0 Align Objects Right Cmd+Opt+3 Ctrl+Alt+3 Fit All Cmd+0 Ctrl+0 Align Olbjects Top Cmd+Opt+4 Cirl+Alt 4 Hide Selection Cmd+L Ctrl L "Align Objects Center Horiz" Cmd+Opt+5 Ctrl+Alt+5 ToolTips Cmd+] Ctrl+) Align Objects Bottom Cmd+Opt+G Ctrl+Alt+G Show All Cmd+Shift+L Ctrl+Shift L Distribute Widths Cmd+Opt+7 Crl+Alt+7 Show Rulers Cmd+Opt+R Ctrl+Alt+R Distribute Heights Cmd+Opt+9 Cirl+Alt+9 Show Grid Cmd+Opt+G Cirl+Alt+G Zoom Out Magnifier tool Cmd+Opt+space+click Ctrl+Alt+space Snap to Grid Cmd+Opt+Shift+G Ctrl+Alt+Shift+G Bold Text Style Cmd+Opt+Shift+B Cirl+Alt+Shift+B Show Guides Cmd+: Cirl+; Center-Align Text Cmd+Opt+Shift+c Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C Lock Guides Cmd+Opt+; Ctrl+Alt+; Edit Guides diatog Cmd+Opt+Shift-G Ctri+Alt+Shift+G Snap to Guides Cmd+Shift+; Ctrl+Shift+: Italic Text Style Cmd+Opt+Shift+l Ctrl+Alt+Shift+l Show Smart Guides Cmd+\ Ctrl+\ Justity Text Cmd+Opt+Shift+J Cirl Alt: Shift+J Slice Guides Cmd+Opt Shift+: Ctrl+Alt+Shift: Left-Align Text style Cmd+Opt+Shift+L Ctrl+Alt+Shift+L Edges Cmd+H Ctrl+H Make Symbol Cmd+Opt+Shift+M Ctrl+Alt+Shift+M Plain Text Style Cmd+Opt+Shift+P Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P Right-Align Text style Cmd+Opt+Shift+R Cirl+Alt+Shift+R Windows / Panels Stretch-Justify Text style Cmd+Opt+Shift+S Ctrl+Alt+Shift+s SHORTCUTS Tween Instances Cmd Opt+Shift+T Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T Underline Text Style Cmd+Opt+Shift-U Ctrl+Alt+Shift+U Hide Panels F4 F4 Paste Attributes Cmd+Opt+Shift+v Crl+Alt+Shift+V Preview JQuery Mobile Theme Cmd F10 Ctrl F10 Repcat Xtra Cmd+Opt+Shift+X Ctrl+Alt+Shift+X Tools Panel Cmd+F2 Ctrl+F2 Convert to Image Cmd+Opt+Shift+Z Cirl+Alt+Shift+Z Properties Panel Cmd+F3 Ctrl+F3 Optimize F6 F6 Layers F2 F2 Modify SHORTCUTS Common Library F7 F7 csS Properties Cmd+F7 Ctrl+F7 Pages F5 F5 Image Size CmdeJ CtrleJ States Cmd+F2 Ctrl+F2 Trim Canvas Cmd Opt+J Ctrl+Alt+J History Shift-F10 Shift F10 fit Canvas Cmd-Opt+F Ctrl-Alt-F Styles Cmd+F11 Ctrl+F11 Animate Selection Opt+Shift+F8 Alt+Shift+F8 Document Library F11 F11 Convert Symbol F8 F8 URL Opt+Shift+F10 Alt+Shift-F10 Tween Instances Cmd+Opt+Shift+T CtrleAlt+Shift+T Color Mixer Shift F9 Shift F9 Break Apart Cmd Shift+B CtrieShift+B Swatches Cmd+F9 Ctrl+F9 Paste As Mask Cmd-Opt+V Ctrl-Alt-V Info Opt+Shift+F12 Alt+ Shift F12 Lock Selection Cmd Shift L Ctria Shiftal. Behaviours Shift-F3 Shift+ F3 Flatten Solection Cmd-Opt+Shift Z CtrleAlt-Shift-Z Find Replace Cmd+F Ctrl+F Merge Down CmdE CtrlE Fireworks Help F1 F1 Flatten Layers Cmd+Opt+E CtrleAlt-E Free Transform Cmd T CtrleT Numeric Transform Cmd Shift+T Ctrl+Shift+T Edit Section Rolate 90 CW Cmd Shift 9 Ctri Shift 9 SHORTCUTS Rotate 90 CCW CmdeShift+7 CtrieShift+7 Bring to Front Cmd Shift UpArrow Ctria Shift UpArrow Undo Deselect Cmd+Z Ctrl+Z Bring Forward CmdeUpArrow CtrieUpArrow Repeat Deselect Cmd+Y Ctrl+Y Cmd DownArrow CmdeShift- DownArrow Ctrl Shift DownArrow Sead Backward CtrlaDownArrow Insert New Button Cmd+Shift+F8 Cirl+Shift+F8 Sond To Back Insert New Symbol Cmd+F8 Ctrl+F8 Join Paths Cmd Shift J Ctris Shift J Insert Hot Spot Cmd Shift+U Cirl Shift:U Split Cmd Opt+J Ctrl AlteJ Insert Rectangle Slice Opt+Shift+U Alt+Shift-U Union Cmd Opt U CtrisAlt U Insert Polygon Slice Opt+Shift+P Alt+Shift-P Snap to Pixal Cmd K CtrleK Insert Layer Shift+L Shift+L Group Cmd G CtrlsG Insert State Shift-F Shift+F Ungroup Cmd Shift+G CtrleShift+G Find Replace Cmd+F Ctrl+F Cut Cmd+X Cirl+X Copy Cmd+C Ctrl+C File Section Copy HTML Code Cmd+Opt C Cirl+Alt+C SHORTCUTS Paste Cmd+V Ctrl+V Paste as Mask Cmd+Opt V Cirl+Alt V New File Cmd N CtrisN Paste Inside Cmd+Opt+Shift-V Ctrl+Alt+Shift+V Open File Cmd o Ctrleo Duplicate Cmd+Opt D Cirl+Alt+D Browse In Bridge Cmd Opt+O Ctris Alt O Clone Cmd+Shift+D Ctrl+Shift+D Close Cmd+W Ctrl-W Preferences Cmd+U Cirl+U Save Cmd S Ctrlas Save As Cmd Shift S Ctrl- Shift:s Import Cmd R CtrlR Export Cmd Shift R CtrleShift R Cmd Shift X Cri SihiftaX FIREWORKS SHORTCUTS CHEAT SHEET BY Image Previcew File Information Cmd+Opt+Shift+F Ctrl-Alt+Shift+F Preview In Browser F12 F12 Preview in.. Shift F12 Shift+F12 Preview All Pages How to Build A Money Making Blog In 8 hours Cmd+F12 Crl=F12 Print Cmd+P Ctrl+P Exit CrisO I --

2015 Adobe Fireworks CC Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

shared by LanaMc on Apr 21
Knowing just 20% of these keyboard tips and short-cuts can literally save you hours when it comes to creating web graphics. This is why we’ve have put together this printable Adobe Fireworks cheat s...




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