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Mood-Enhancing Colour Schemes For Your Home

MOOD-ENHANCING COLOUR SCHEMES FOR YOUR HOME The colours used in our homes can have a huge impact on our mood and emotions. Whether you are redecorating your kitchen, lounge, bedroom or bathroom, the right colour palette can dramatically improve the ambience that you are able to create in the room. Discover what shades work well in different rooms so that you can enjoy a mood-boosting home that also perfectly conveys your lifestyle and personality. THE COLOUR SPECTRUM What moods and emotions can different colours conjure up? PHYSICAL PHYSICAL Love, Nurture, Warmth, Danger, Passion, Energy, Femininity, Happiness, Warmth, Adventure, Youthful Optimism SPIRITUAL PHYSICAL Rich, Dramatic, Security, Stability, Sophisticated, Truth, Joy, Creativity Reassurance, Warmth, Passion, Fun ABSORPTION EMOTIONAL Optimism, Confidence, Emotional Strength, Sophistication, Glamour, Safety, Eccentricity, Drama, Efficiency Creativity, Sunshine, Energy INTELLECTUAL BALANCE Calming, Serenity, Protective, Contemplative, Loyalty, Peace, Nature, Energy, Calming, Restful, Soothing Security COLOUR IN YOUR HOME DINING ROOM: RED LIVING ROOM: GREEN A warm tone can draw people together and encourage conversation. Red can also stimulate appetite amongst dinner guests. Encourage relaxation and promote togetherness with a light green. Too much red can be overpowering, so go for warm or muted shades, add a feature wall or accessorise using the Do not overuse green as it can make people complacent. colour. KITCHEN: RED OR YELLOW ENTRANCE: RED Increase metabolism and happiness levels with yellow shades. Create a strong the entryway by including a bright colour. bold impression in Overusing yellow can be overpowering and lead to frustration, so why not use the colour for a feature wall? BEDROOM 1: PINK BEDROOM 2: PURPLE Use pink in a baby's or young girl's room to create a nurturing and soothing ambience. Establish a stress-free and calming sanctuary with lighter shades like lilac. For a more dramatic feel, opt for darker shades. Having pink in a master bedroom can be sickly sweet, so add black to prevent this from happening. Liven up lilac with silver shades. CO BATHROOM: GREY HOME OFFICE OR STUDY: BLUE Create a sense of calm with grey or white. These tones also represent purity and cleanliness. Clear the mind, aid concentration and increase intellectual thought by adding blue to your study area. Grey is a transition between black and Balancing blues with warm natural furnishings can prevent the room from white. The closer it is to black, the more dramatic it becomes and the closer to appearing cold. white it is, the more illuminating. TOP TIPS FOR USING DARK COLOURS BLACK • Black absorbs all colours and reflects nothing • It creates protective barriers and conceals personalities • Only use black as an accent colour • Black can work with white, pink and purple when used in moderation BROWN • Brown represents security, stąbility and practicality • It can evoke feelings of relaxation when used with other earthy tones • Brown can work well with a variety of home furnishings Sources TJ HUGHES Making famous brands affordable

Mood-Enhancing Colour Schemes For Your Home

shared by RachelCampbell on Oct 22
TJ Hughes looked at a number of different colours, how they affect our feelings and the emotions then can create when used in the home. The infographic serves as a useful guide to homeowners, advising...


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