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Know About Bed Bugs Life Cycle From Eggs to Adults

AFFORDABLE A BED BUG EXTERMINATORS EXPERT SERVICE AT AFFORDABLE PRICES KNOW ABOUT BED BUGS LIFE CYCLE FROM EGGS TO ADULTS adult eggs nymph The bedbugs are reddish-brown insects that feed themselves on human blood. These are present mostly in hidden areas and travel through different objects. These are mostly found in floor cracks, carpets, beds, and upholstered furniture. Let's Know about Bed Bugs Life Cycle, PRODUCTION OF EGGS The life cycle of the bed bugs starts with an egg. The egg looks like a grain of milky white. The female bed bugs can lay up to 5 eggs each day and can lay up to 500 eggs in her whole lifetime. NYMPHS ch are called nymphs, this is the The young and tiny bed bugs stage which is 5 molts before reaching the maturity stage. The nymphs are just similar to adults but in smaller versions and are not sexually mature. These tiny creatures are yellow-white. This stage requires more blood meal to grow more effectively. ADULT BED BUGS The nymph becomes a full-grown adult in just five weeks. The adult bed bug is about 5mm in size just like an apple seed. The shape of an adult bed bug is long and brown with a flat round surface. They need access to food which is human blood. The adults survive in cool temperatures without food. CONCLUSION To stop the spread of bed bugs, you need professionals for this. The life of bed bugs mostly ranges up to six months and some lives for approximately a full year under the cool conditions.

Know About Bed Bugs Life Cycle From Eggs to Adults

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If you are curious to "Know About Bed Bugs Life Cycle" from the production of eggs to adults then you must read it. You will get more information about bed bugs.


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