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Facebook 101

THE WORLD OF FACEBOOK The Beginning: Facebook is a social The Achievement: The Mission: A January 2009 study ranked Facebook Giving people the power to share and make the world networking website launched in February 2004 that is operated and privately owned by Facebook, Inc. as the most used social open and connected network by worldwide monthly active user MILLIONS OF ACTIVE USERS AVERAGE USER Facebook MySpace has More than 130 friends 110 500 50% of Facebook active users log on in any given day spends over /00 minutes per month on Facebook ACTIVITY ON FACEBOOK There are over More than 900 million objects that people interact with 30 billion pieces of content shared each month (pages, groups, events and community pages) (web links, news stories, posts, notes, photos, etc.) AVERAGE USER 90 pieces of content each month creates community pages, groups and events connected to .80. EACH DAY 50% Pages have created 5.30 billion of fans of active FB users log in 55 million 35 million status updates are made update their status GLOBAL REACH about More than 70% of users 70 translations are outside the United States available on the site Over 300,000 users helped translate the site TOP 10 COUNTRIES ON FACEBOOK x rank by number of users X.xx population/FB users ratio (how many people per FB user) 2 United Kingdom 2.47 23,449,100 United States 2.78 111,212,840 users Canada 2.61 France 4.33 13,424,180 15,928,000 4 Turkey 18,679,460 4.16 Japan 1,202,000 105 8. Philippines 9.31 10 Mexico 13.5 8,236,020 10,647,100 5.34 6 Italy Spain 8,861,140 3 Indonesia 12.2 19,528,560 4.02 14,931,580 FACEBOOK POPULATION COMPARED TO COUNTRIES (millions) 1,340 1,156 500 309 234 193 170 127 China India Usa Indonesa Brazil Pakistan Japan A BRIEF TIMELINE 2004 February 2004 M. Zuckerberg and co-founders launch Facebook from their Harvard dorm room June 2004 Facebook moves its base of operations to Palo Alto, CA O December 2004 1 million active users 2005 May 2005 Facebook raises $12.7 million from Accel Partners; it grows to support more than 800 college networks O December 2005 5.5 million active users 2006 ....... April 2006 Facebook raises $27.5 million from various partners and launches Mobile feature O December 2006 12 million active users 2007 April - August 2006 Yntroduces Notes and News Feed applications Q October 2007 50 million active users 2008 - May 2007 Launches Marketplace application for classified listings Q August 2008 100 million active users November 2007 Launches Facebook Ads 2009 O April 2009 200 million active users April 2008 Launches Translation application 2010 February 2010 O 400 million active users June 2009 Launches Facebook Usernames THE PLATFORM FB ON MOBILE More than More than 150 million 1 million developers from more than 180 countries active users currently accessing through their mobile devices They are twice more active than non-mobile FB users More than 550,000 applications currently on Facebook Platform More than 200 mobile operators in 60 countries working to deploy FB mobile products Sources:,, infographic the BLOG HERALD LABS facebook 8

Facebook 101

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Facebook is not just a Website, it is a cultural revolution. Where others like LiveJournal and MySpace came close to worldwide success, Facebook has left them all in the dust with more than 500 millio...


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