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How to Deter a Burglar

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�@EST�E�S�T��AdobeUCS HOW TO DETER A BURGLAR MAIL SECURITY NOTICE PROTECTED BY ELECTRONIC THIS PROPERTY ALARM SYSTEM PROTECTED BY VIDEO SURVEILLANCE BEWARE OF DOG HOW TO SECURE YOUR HOME 4 LANDSCAPE Residences with fences, large 1 ALARM SYSTEM Most burglars will try to deter- mine if an alarm is present before attempting a burglary. The presence of an alarm will likely cause the burglar to seek an alternative target altogether. trees or bushes that block the view of doors or windows are considered more attractive to burglars. It is important to keep your shrubs trim to ensure your property is visibile from the street. 5 LIGHTING Use lighting to deter burglars from entering your home. Motion sensor lights will keep your house visible and will ward of intruders. While away, place a few lights inside on timers so that the house does not apper to 2 SECURITY SIGNS Indicators of increased security including alarm signs, dogs inside and surveillance equip- ment are considered by a ma- jority of burglars. Utilizing signage to intimidate burglars will make them think twice before targeting your home. be vacant. 3 MAIL PRIVACY Burglars see accumulating mail and newspapers as signals of vulnerability. While away, it is best to ensure your mail is hidden from the public. Ask a neighbor to take in your mail for you. 6 NEIGHBORS Burglars will look to see if your neighbors are home out of fear that they may be seen. Ask your neighbors to keep an eye on your house while your away. Leave a spare key with them in- stead of hiding it in an obyious spot that burglars anticipate. IMAC SOURCES: http //www larSurve yStudyFinaIRe port. pd f http //www s/5180 htm SUPPLY CORP SERVICE, SELECTION, SPEED - WE DELIVER.

How to Deter a Burglar

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While most people determine that an alarm system is the ideal way to determine theft, by viewing the attached infographic, you'll find that there are a few other steps you can take as precautions.


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