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The History Of Home Insulation

The History F Home Insulation Broadly, the term insulation refers transfer of heat or sound. Most often, when talking about insulation in modern terms, it is in reference to the building and construction industry. In modern-day music studios, insulation such as spray foam is used to soundproof to a substance that slows or retards the rooms so optimum sound quality can be recorded. 40% | every house in the UK was fully draught-proofed, the nation enough energy ea sily heat all the homes in Belfast and Cardiff combined UK Homes would save to Don't have loft or cavity wall insulation Ancient Eqypt These Ancient Greece individuals created thick brícks made of mud that helped them keep their homes cool as they blocked the desert's rays from entering the property. They used asbestos, and even gave it its name. This flame resistant materíal was thought to possess mystical qualities, though the people of Ancient Greece knew that it could cause "lung sickness" in a user. The ancient Greeks also utilized air cavíties in their homes to block hot and cold air Ancient Romans Tnsulated water pipes with cork were a favorite of this The Vikings group. Vikings and other northern The Middle Ages Europeans learned to insulate their homes with mud chínking, plastering it in the cracks between the logs or hewn boards of the buildings walls. They used tapestries as wall hangings to keep drafts out from their drafty and damp homes. These materíals were also used to absorb moisture in the air. Industrial Revolution During the Industrial Revolution, manufacturers turned once again to asbestos for their insulation needs. Steam powered technology meant lots of hot pipes to carry the steam to where it was needed. These hot steam supply pipes could be made safer for workers by wrapping them in asbestos. 0000 Modern Day In recent decades, there has been an increasing awareness to become more energy efficient and environmentally conscious. Insulation requirements are becoming more detailed and stringent. Spray foam is a relatively new product which has entered the market. Spray foam is a chemical compound that forms foam when the components are mixed together. This foam can then be applied to specific area using a spray gun. Once the foam settles, it expands into the area and then hardens. This forms a dense and durable insulatíng seal in the area. In terms of envíronmental consciousness, spray foam is one insulation products available on the market today. of the leading Brought to you by: Produced By: sprayseal ATTWOOD DIGITAL ok-How-Far-We-ve-Come/834447

The History Of Home Insulation

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An infographic with information on the kinds of different insulation used through time




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