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Do It Yourself or Hire a Professional?

EXTERIOR IMPROVEMENTS Do It Yourself or Hire a Professional? PROVIDED BY ENTURY We help you choose the HOME IMPROVEMENTS BY CENTURY SPOUTING, ING. Best Option www.CENTURYSPOUTING.COM do it yourself Professional X do it yourself ROOFING Professional Professional safety equipment dramatically reduces chances of injury. Hazardous working conditions. Can spot trouble areas like soft spots, loose shingles, and leaks. Improper installation can cause costly leaks. Save money! Get it done faster and with more affordable materials. Inexperienced do it yourselfers can damage the roof. Cutting roof vents incorrectly can cause leaks in your roof. and ruin the integrity of your shingles. Professional roofers get the job done faster, saving you weeks of time. do it yourself SIDING Professional Incorrectly siding can cause mildew, mold, or leaks in your walls. Professionals are licensed and attain permits to do the work. Can do it in an efficient and timely manner. Installation requires cutting, measurements, capping, and proper siding selection. Get correct installation for no leaks, gaps, or damage in the future. • Temporary fixes could cause higher replacement repairs in the future. Professionals have worker's comp and health insurance to cover any injuries that could occur during a job. Working on a ladder can cause siding projects fail due severe injury if you fall. Many inexperienced to improper equipment and materials X do it yourself GUTTERS Professional Must have Gutter type depends on the size of the roof, steep of roof, and the material of the roof. Will install experience with downspouts and water flow direction. Easily acquires the construction permits needed. downspouts correctly. Can get supplies and materials at a cheaper rate. Wrong gutter Improper ladder measurements could be very costly to correct. use can cause damage to the side of your home. Pros use a special gutter cutting machine. Could fall off from the ladder or roof. Have to haul and install gutters. Poor installation could result in water leak issues Will plan and direct the water away from the foundation. Can do it in an efficient and timely manner. do it yourself DRIVEWAY SEALING X Pro Very easy to achieve Typically faster and more efficient $$ Slightly higher costs Cheaper to buy products yourself Usually warrantied. Only takes a few hours to complete Spray application may produce better results X do it yourself WOOD DECKS Professional Must build compliant least 1 month to frames, flooring and railings to be structurally sound. Usually takes at Typically faster and more efficient complete Must have all the necessary tools. Can get supplies and materials at a cheaper rate. No experience could result in a weak foundation and deck collapse or failure. Can save some money. The sacrifice could be your time and quality. Decks are technically challenging and pros have the experience to avoid future deck failure or collapse. DIY INSTALLING FENCES X Pro Relatively easy if you have basic handyman skills. | Can accurately 1 determine Experience with gas and electric line safety property lines. Can save money More control over exactly what you want Has specialty tools on hand such as post hole diggers Knows the rules and Potential injuries are very minor regulations of home owner's codes and builders covenants. STATISTICS 50% 72% of all home improvement projects are postponed due to budgetary reasons of homeowners plan to do the work themselves -2$ 70% of home projects involve DİY 25% Accidents 12% 100,000 150,000 people for saws people in accidents related to ladders will spend more than $5000 will spend under $500 $$$7 DIY trends are mostly by higher income Americans SOURCES CREATED BY ENTURY REGISTER-HERALD.COM HOMEWYSE.COM VISUAL.LY HOME IMPROVEMENTS BY CENTURY SPOUTING, INC. NETCREDIT.COM FINANCE.YAHOO.COM www.CENTURYSPOUTING.COM

Do It Yourself or Hire a Professional?

shared by centuryspouting on Mar 06
Here are several home improvement projects showing both sides of doing it yourself and hiring a professional best suits the project you are looking to complete.


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