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Improving Your Home in 10 Minutes or Less

IMPROVING YOUR HOME in 10 minutes or less CURB APPEAL The first thing a visitor will see is your home's exterior. Remember: first impressions count. Cleaning windows takes seconds and really makes your house shine. Auto-Mow - The Husqvarna Auto-Mower will cut grass day and night to keep your garden in tip-top shape. Window boxes full of flowers add a delightful homespun touch to your home's exterior. Weed after work Pulling out a couple of stray weeds can really improve the look of your yard. IT'S THE LITTLE THINGS THAT COUNT A few little touches here and there can really make a home shine Blinds in small rooms make them A dark, hallway appear larger. can be made more spacious with a mirror. A dehumidifier protects wallpaper and upholstery against damp and mold. A bowl of fruit and a plant-pot bring nature into the home and give an impression of vitality. A rug can cover carpet that is looking a little worn. GET THE There are a few simple improvements that can be done quickly and with minimal technical expertise: TOOLS OUT Brightly lit environments boost cognition. Dim light decreases stress. Get the best of both worlds - install a dimmer switch. Paint over chips and cracks. Replace old doorknobs: Shiny new ones will be noticed. Upgrade your power outlets. A chrome wall-plate adds shine to any room. DO SOME HOMEWORK Some improvements take longer than others, but time will always be saved and results improved if you do even 10 minutes of preparation. Before re-arranging furniture, draw a Small plan of the re-imagined room. These simple Feng Shui tips will enhance the energy of any room. V Beds should be placed diagonally opposite the door, and should allow for a clear view of the room Desks should not face walls as this will hamper concentration and creativity. and door. Mirrors create energy, so put them in rooms that you feel Electronics should be placed at least two feet from beds (for a good night's sleep). need a boost. If you're planning on re-painting a room consider the psychological effects of colour. Bedrooms Home Gyms Home Offices Blue lowers blood pressure; it is cool and calming. Orange is loud and enthusiastic, which is great for raising energy levels. Purple is a bold, yet elegant colour, associated with creativity and wealth. Neutrals (brown, grey, white and brown) are unassuming. They will suit any room but too much can be bland. Hallways Yellow is a joyous colour Living Rooms Green is a refreshing colour; it promotes rest and recuperation. Dining Rooms Red raises the heart-rate; an exciting colour associated with danger. which can irritate. You're more likely to lose your temper in a yellow room. If you're struggling to think of an original project idea, try taking a look through social media. Pinterest and Twitter are packed to the brim with great ideas." SOURCES Which Home Improvements Add Value Fastest Window Cleaner How Rooms and Architecture Affect Mood and Creativity Husqvarna Automower 305 Room Color and How it Affects Your Mood Eight Easy (and Cheap) Ways to Improve Your House 10 Cheap Fixes to Boost the Value of Your Home Feng Shui Ultimate Guide

Improving Your Home in 10 Minutes or Less

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Home improvement can be a headache — costly and time-consuming. Check out these home renovation DIY ideas that can be completed in 10 minutes or less. You can learn which fixture finishes and wall c...





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