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6 Brilliant Ways to Cut Energy Bills

CUT YOUR ENERGY BILLS G BRILLIANT IDEAS FOR HOMEOWNERS WHERE'S YOUR MONEY GOING? Cooking DID YOU KNOW 4% Other that more than half of the average homeowner's energy bill goes to heating and cooling? 5% Electronics 6% 54% In a typical American home, more than 30% of that hot or cold air is 10% Lighting Heating & Cooling lost through insufficiently sealed windows and doors, and up to 30% is lost through the roof if improperly insulated. 21% Water Heating & Use HEATING & COOLING UNITS MAINTAIN OR UPDATE Assess your heating and cooling equipment, and follow the manufacturer's recommendations for maintenance. Some furnaces require filter changes once a month and waste more energy when not properly maintained. If your appliances are more than 15 years old, it might be time for a new unit; Newer appliances tend to be more energy efficient. LIGHTING SYSTEMS CHANGE IT UP Lighting makes up about 10% of your electricity bill. Pay attention to when your family uses lighting, and set controls like sensors, dimmers or timers. Switching standard incandescent light bulbs to energy smart light bulbs, which can be found at most local hardware stores, is one of the easiest ways to cut down your energy bills. YOUR ENTIRE HOME GET AN ENERGY AUDIT Energy auditors will pinpoint exactly where you're wasting energy and offer you expert advice on how to save energy and reduce your electric, heating and cooling bills. Energy auditors have a trained eye and professional tools to spot energy-sucking leaks and other inefficiencies that the typical homeowner wouldn't notice on their own. AIR LEAKS LOCATE AND SEAL 4 Air leaks around windows and doors account for up to 30% of hot or cool air loss. Leaks and cracks can also be found around baseboards, walls, lighting or plumbing fixtures, and electrical outlets. WINDOWS REFRESH Replace current windows with windows that further insulate your home. Metro installs VastElla windows that have energy-saving options such as Low-E glass coatings, multiple panes, argon gas fills, and spacer systems. INSULATION 6. INSPECT Know the recommended insulation levels for your home, and use a tape measurer to measure the insulation's thickness to see if you meet the standards. To find the recommended R-Value for your area, please visit : LET METRO HELP YOU No matter how many home inspections you've done on your own before, its always smart to have a professional solidify your findings. Our highly trained and certified energy experts will inspect your home and recommend ways you can reduce your energy consumption and your energy bills. Call Metro for a FREE energy audit 303.731.4431 Sources • • • • • 2.

6 Brilliant Ways to Cut Energy Bills

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More than half of the average homeowner's energy bills go to heating and cooling–and most of that hot or cold air immediately escapes your home, wasting you hundreds of dollars! Metro Construction o...



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