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Standard Home vs. EnergySmart Home

Standard Home VS EnergySmart Home What makes an energy efficient home more comfortable, more affordable and a better investment compared to a standard home? Heating and Cooling Inefficient HVAC means a cold home & high bills. O High efficiency HVAC for best performance & lower costs. Indoor venting furnaces & water heaters increase mold risk. 2 Furnaces & water heaters vent outside for lower risk of mold. Inefficient energy use increases heating bills. Programmable thermostat optimizes energy use. Inefficient ventilation doesn't filter out air pollutants. O Energy efficient ventilation filters out air pollutants. Thermal Enclosure Inefficient windows lead to drafty rooms. 9 Energy efficient windows keep heat in. Cold rooms due to improper insulation. Insulated wires & pipes stop heat loss. Gaps & cracks create drafts. Gaps & cracks air sealed to retain heat. Lighting and Appliances Incandescent lights increase costs. O Energy efficient lighting optimizes energy use. ENERGY STAR appliances use 10-30% less energy. Non ENERGY STAR ventilation fans are less efficient. 10 ENERGY STAR ventilation fans use 70% less energy. Older inefficient appliances use more energy. Water Management Straight water pipe directs water into foundation. 1 Water directed away via angled water drainpipe. Level area around home creates water problems. 12 Graded area directs water away from home. (1) Foundation protected from groundwater by moisture-resistant barriers. Non moisture-resistant barriers leave foundation exposed to damp. Asking 3 Basic Questions Can Tell You If a Home Is an EnergySmart Home Did a RESNET EnergySmart Builder build it? Are the appliances ENERGY STAR qualified? What is the home's 65 HERS® Index Score? 13 A HERS Index Score lower than Increasing numbers of builders are partnering with RESNET in a commitment to build more ENERGY STAR appliances are independently certified to save energy without sacrificing features or functionality. 100 means a more energy efficient home, which means greater energy savings. EnergySmart Homes. RESNET RESNET. RESNET EnergySmart Builders are trained in energy efficiency measures and are putting them to good use by building safer, more comfortable and affordable homes. RESNET EnergySmart HERS Builder ZEvery Home is a HERS Rated Home INDEX ENERGY STAR RESIDENTIAL ENERGY SERVICES NETWORK © 2014 Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) Sources: | |

Standard Home vs. EnergySmart Home

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How is an energy efficient home different from a standard one? Our infographic shows you the difference between an EnergySmart Home that is built to maximize energy efficiency and a standard home that...






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