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40 Ways to Save on Your Grocery Bill

NOTE D STA 40 Ways to Save on YOUR GROCERY BILL V SET A BUDGET Estimate your typical monthly cost of groceries and go from there. 2 MAKE A UST Identify what items need to be replaced, and what ingredients you'll need for the future. 3 PLAN MEALS Plan dinners, and then provide various individual breakfast and lunch options. 4 USE COUPONS You can usually find coupons for at least some of the items that you use. 5 READ COUPON FINE PRINT Coupons are often very specifically based on the brand, sizes and dates that are eligible. TAKE INVENTORY Plan meals around ingredients you already have in your kitchen or pantry. 7 EAT BEFORE YOU SHOP Otherwise, you will be tempted to purchase foods you didn't plan on buying. 8 EAT MORE VEGETABLES Meat is expensive. Consider replacing one or two meals a week with a meatless option. da 9 BUY OFF BRANDS This has been shown to save shoppers an average of 25%! V BUY IN BULK Consider joining a warehouse club for bulk foods, or visit a local grocer's case lot sales. 11 EAT FROZEN PRODUCE Frozen foods allow you to only use what you need at any given time, reducing waste. V SHOP MORE LOCATIONS Finding sales and coupons at different stores can also save you quite a bit. V DO YOUR MATH Researching and comparing prices to make sure you're getting the best deal. 14 BUY MEAT ON SALE Fnd out what day of the week your grocery store starts discounting their meat. M PLUG IN SOME TUNES Walk faster with some upbeat music so you don't linger and buy more than you need. 16 CHECK "10 FOR $10" SALES Sometimes buying one item at a time would be cheaper than the advertised sale. 17 FILL YOUR BASKET ONLY HALFWAY Increasing the size of your shopping cart can often increase your purchases. 18 BUY PRODUCE IN SEASON You will save because you aren't buying a large variety of produce all the time. 19 GET YOUR MEAT BUTCHERED This might save you up to 30%, over buying all cuts individually. 20 EAT LEFTOERS Make sure to not waste leftovers that can easily be eaten another day. 21 GROW YOUR OWN FOOD You can easily plant and grow your own food with a little planning and creativity. POP YOUR OWN CORN Consider getting 3-6 large bags of popcom for just $3.50- $5.00. 23 PRIORITIZE ORGANIC PURCHASES Don't feel you have to buy everything organic. Buy what you can afford. 24 BUY DRY BEANS 1 pound of dry beans at $0.86 will yield you the same as 6 cans of beans for $4 to $5. 25 AVOID BAG6ED SALADS Buying lettuce and veggies to mix together can yield you more salad and be cheaper. 26 BUY CHICKEN WHOLE Depending on prices, buying and cooking a whole chicken may save you money. | PLAN CROCKPOT MEALS Pick several crockpot meals and spend an afternoon freezing them for future use. 28 HOMEMAKE SAUCES Most take just a few ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen. 29 KEEP HEALTHY SNACKS Things like peanuts, raisins and dried fruit are always affordable options. 30 STRIKE POINT SHOP Buy extra when products are at a lower price, to save you money in the long run. 31 RESEARCH ETHYLENE GAS This is a natural gas that certain foods put off and make other food go bad very quickly. 32 WATCH THE REGISTER Keep an eye on every scanned item to ensure you are getting the correct prices. 33 GO TO PICK-YOUR- OWN FARMs You can usually get produce far cheaper than at a grocery store. 34 SHOP AT ETHNIC STORES It's cheaper to buy many foods and ingredients at ethnic stores. 35 REPEAT INGREDIENTS Select around 5 ingredients that you can use in almost every meal you plan. COOK YOUR OWN MEALS You often have more leftovers from cooking your own meals than buying frozen foods. KEEP A RUNNING LIST This keeps you from buying duplicate items when you know exactly what you need. BRING A CALCULATOR This will help you keep a running total so there are no surprises when you pay. 39 BREAK BOTTLED WATER HABIT Bottled water is much more expensive than a re-uĊĦable container and filtration system. 40 MATCH PRICES Use ads from the mail, online, or other stores at one convenient location. 12 WASH DOLLAR SA best 0:0AAAtata Brought to you by:

40 Ways to Save on Your Grocery Bill

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Times are tough financially for many people both in the United States and outside of the states. We've put together 40 ways that anyone can save on a grocery bill. Any more ideas about how to save?...






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