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The Coupon's Comeback

THE COUPON'S SUNDAY 50% COMEBACK WHY COUPONS ARE MAKING A SERIOUS COMEBACK Coupons, once overlooked inserts in the Sunday paper, are back. With a 360% explosion in online coupons, coupon usage is up 14.7% from pre-recession use. From traditional newspaper coupon clippings to mobile redemption codes . there's no better time to start couponing! S0% %סב CRUNCHING COUPON USE The Great Recession hasn't been kind to most, but for coupons the downturn has done wonders. Increasingly, Americans turn towards coupons when looking for ways to save. Coupons Savings 3.3 BILLION COUPONS SAVED AMERICANS $3.7 BILLION IN 2010 That's 100 million more coupons redeemed than in 2009, and represents $200 million more in savings. In 2010, 2.1 billion food coupons were used, compared to 1.2 billion non-food coupons FOOD COUPONS ARE THE MOST COMMONLY REDEEMED Food coupon use increases near the end of the year as consumers make holiday-season purchases. Top categories for redemption in 2009: Nutrition Baking Ingredients Cereals Entertainment Bathroom (Magazines, & Diet Tissue games, DVDS) ON AVERAGE, AMERICANS ONLY TAKE ADVANTAGE OF 0.6% OF OFFERED SAVINGS. In 2010, every person in the United States was offered $1,677 in coupon savings; actual redemption averaged only $10.57 per person. $1,677 $10.57 Savings Offered Savings Taken Advantage Of (White Area) (Red Dot) THE CHANGING FACE OF COUPON USERS Coupons used to be the domain of frugal moms and dads, but these days the face of couponing is looking younger, more affluent, and tech-savvy. $105,000 $77,700 $105,000 is 26% more than the income of the average American SURPRISINGLY, HOUSEHOLDS WITH AVERAGE INCOMES OF $105,000 ARE MORE LIKELY TO PRINT DIGITAL COUPONS Households with $100,000+ incomes are 2x more likely to coupon than those earning under $35k. + $100k income - $35k income Also: college degree holders are 2x more likely to use coupons than those who didn't graduate high school. Did Not Complete HS Completed College 50% ATLANTA "MOST FRUGAL CITY" Half of top ten cities for coupon usage are in the South: #13 #7 #10 Oklahoma Nashville Raleigh City (Tied) #6 Charlotte #14 #2 Dallas Tampa #13 Miami (Tied) Almost 60% of 13 to 17-year-olds use coupons and coupon codes AMERICA HAS A SAVVY SPENDING FUTURE, AS EVEN TEENS ARE JOINING IN THE COUPON CONSUMER CROWD 25% 19% 18% Grooming / Beauty Care Clothing Entertainment 50% GRADUATING THE FROM SUNDAY INSERTS Today, from online coupon pop-ups to codes scanned by your smart phone, saving with coupons has never been easier. 50% That's 15.6 million smartphone users IN 2011, 1 IN 5 SMARTPHONE OWNERS USE MOBILE COUPONS That's a 117% increase from 2010. 2010 2011 92% 360% Increase Increase Online Coupon Access Internet Coupon Redemption ONLINE COUPON ACCESS INCREASED BY 92% IN 2009 Internet coupon redemption increased by 360% in 2009 SUNDAY Yet internet coupons only accounted for 1.5% of all coupons redeemed; 89% of coupons are still distributed traditionally through newspapers ΟNLINE COUPONS WILL ONL Υ CONTINUE TO GROW: By 2014, the number of mobile coupon users is expected to grow 13-fold 2.7 million 35 million Coupon Users in 2010 Coupon Users by 2014 (Red Area) (White Area) THE COUPON HAS EVOLVED SINCE ITS POPULARITY LAST SURGED 20 YEARS AGO. The coupon's ability to save consumers money, however, hasn't changed: if anything, the popularity of online coupons speaks to an even greater potential to do just that. Now that using coupons is easier than ever, Americans look to be in for a long-term love affair with the coupon in all its many forms. This is brought to you by COUPONS.ORG Sources

The Coupon's Comeback

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Recession-era frugality and online and mobile access to coupons has revived the American consumer’s reliance on coupons to meaningfully cut family expenses. Coupon redemption surged 63% last year an...



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