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18 Space Heater Safety Tips

COMPACT CAPPLIANCE SPACE HEATER Safety Tips Winter is here. Along with the lower temperatures outside, comes the high energy costs from keeping you warm inside your home. To help cut these costs, many people turn to portable space heaters. These supplemental heaters work great at keeping you warm, but if used improperly, they may also pose a hazard to you and your family. Things You Should Do Things You Shouldn't Do Follow 3ft. Rule Crowd Your Unit 3» Keep the heater at least 3ft. away from combustible materials, including beds, sofas, curtains, papers, clothes, etc. Do not put anything flammable around the front, sides or rear of the heater. Inspect Cords Extension Cords Make sure the heaters power cord is not damaged or frayed in any way. 2 Do not use an extension cord or power strip, unless you have absolutely no other choice. Plug is Snug Hot to the Touch Make sure the heater is securely plugged into the power outlet. Ensure it does not come loose or fall out. 3 Do not use heater if the power cord or wall heater feels hot on touch. Call electrician to inspect. Keep it Stable Ensure your heater is on a stable and level surface with minimal risk of it getting knocked over. Place on Tables Do not use your heater on top of a table, chair or any surface that is not stable. TT Safety Certified Use Around Water Make sure your space heater has been certified as safe to use. You should see a safety logo on the back somewhere. Do not use or operate your heater near water or if you're wet. You will be shocked as a result. Literally, shocked. Smoke Detectors Cords Under Rugs Make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly. Do not run the power cord from your heater underneath carpets, rugs or furniture. Turn it off Know Your Size Ensure your unit is turned off when you go to sleep, in a different room, or unable to keep an eye on it. Do not use a space heater that is designed for an area larger than you need. Train & Teach Keep an Eye Out It is wise to teach everyone in your household how to properly operate your heater. 8 o not allow children to use or operate your heater without proper training and supervision. Use the Right Fuel Ventilation If you're space heater requires fuel, make sure you refill'it with the right kind.Or you will most likely cause a fire. Do not use fuel-burning heaters inside your home. If you do, at least make sure it's properly ventilated. CАН COMPAC T CAAPPLIANCE RESOURCES Education/Home-Appliances-Maintenance- Structure/098.pdf SMALL SOLUTIONS - SUPERIOR SERVICE

18 Space Heater Safety Tips

shared by livingdirect on Dec 04
Before you crank up your space heater for the season, make sure you read over our list of space heater safety tips.


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