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What was the first pipe made of - A Brief History

THE HISTORY OF TOBACCO PIPES What was the first pipe made of? THE PIPE What were the pipes used for? Pipes have been in use for centuries and they were made using different materials at different times (or eras). They were used for all kinds of smoking needs like for pleasure, hallucinogens for ceremonies, or herbs for medicinal purposes, and knowing about the pipes will make your smoking experience more appreciable. THE FIRST PIPE What material was it made of? The first pipe was made of river clay. They were painstakingly crafted and hand molded into the desired pipe shape. They were less durable. THE EGYPTIAN'S PIPE What material did Egyptians use? Pipes made of reed (a kind of long grass) were found with grave goods of the ancient Egyptians that dates to the Bronze Age. THE WOODEN PIPE Why wooden pipes came into existence? Wooden pipes became popular during the Iron Age because of their durability. They required more advanced tools for harvesting, carving, or whittling to withstand the smoldering of pipe smoking. THE GLASS PIPE How glass pipes got popular? Though glass blowing dates back to 3000 BCE, it was not being used for pipes. Glass pipes got popular after the invention of thermally shock-resistant hard glass (Borosilicate/Pyrex) that glass gained traction for use to make pipes. BENEFITS Why glass became the favored choice ? Glass has a much higher burning point and heat resistance than other materials. It is non-porous unlike clay and wood, so doesn't absorb dirt and soot. That's why glass pipes are easier to clean. Regular cleaning won't degrade or damage the pipe in any way. Each handmade glass pipe is a stunning work of art. SOURCE: WWw.CHAMELEONGLASS.COM

What was the first pipe made of - A Brief History

shared by ChameleonGlass on Jan 19
Pipes have been in use for centuries, but do you know what they were made of and where their origin is! This infographic will show you a brief history of smoking pipes, and what materials they were made of.


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