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Chemicals in Cigarette Smoke

CHEMICALS IN CIGARETTE SMOKE (SELECTED FROM OVER 4,000 TOTAL) SSSMOKIN! THE GLOBAL TOBACCO TRADE ACETANISOLE SMOKY TRAILS ACETIC ACID ACETONE NAIL POLISH REMOVER MAJOR SMUGGLING ROUTES 1000 PACKS ACETOPHENOME THE NETHERLANDS LATVIA & LITHUANIA RUSSIA Transit hub between Latin Transit hub between Huge importer to Europe. Also a major player in the online cigarette market. ALFALFA EXTRACT America and Europe. Russia and Europe. CANADA Engoges in tax-evasive border crossing return ALLYL HEXANOATE UNITED KINGDOM OF MARLBOROS ALLYL IONONE ALMOND BITTER OIL Major destination for smiugled Asian and Russian cigarettes. BANGLADESH Portal country into India and the rest of Asla Tobacco usually arrives from Poland Albania and Egypt. ALUMINUM BATHROOM CLE Suprnents with the USA BATHROOM LEATER AMMONIA 111 DAYS OF LIFE: AMMONIUM BICARIONATE TURKEY AMMONIUM SULFIDE Transit hub between ARSENIC RAT POISON Asia and Europe. USA Major interstate smuggling to evade high taxes Source of cigarettes smuggled to Latin America and Europe. BENZALDEHYDE GLYCERYL BERYLLIUM (METAL) SPAIN BUTANOL Destination country for US digarettes, routed through Panama and the Netherlands BUTANE CHINA & HONG KONG Besides supplying much of Southeast Asia, China Is a main source of tobacco smuggled to Western Europe. CAFFEINE CALCIUM CARBONATE PANAMA Transit hub CARBON DIOXIDE CARBON MONOXIDE CAR EXNAUST FUMES ARUBA Tax haven and transit hub between Europe and Latin America CITRONELLA OIL between Europe and LatinAmerica CHLOROFORM EGYPT ATransit hub between Asia and Europe. COCONUT QIL ANGER SONO COFFEE CAMEROON Portal country into Africa Tobacco arrives from Europe UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Transit hub between CUMINALDEHYDE COLOMBIA CYANIDE DEADLSO Smuggling routes shared with Drug Cartels. Portal country into South America CYSTEINE China and Europe. DANDELION ROOT EXTRACI and Latin America DAVANA OIL DOT/DIELDRIN INSECH 60% SHIP 30% TRUCK EUCALYPTÓL WHERE DID ALL THE CIGARETTES GO? 1 LEATHER JACKET FARNESOL FENCHONE Buying 1000 packs of Marlboro cigarettes will give you enough 'Marlboro Miles" to win a free In 2000, there was a disparity of 292 billion cigarettes between worldwide exports and imports. In other words, nearly 1/3 of the worlds total cigarette production simply disappeared, at least on paper. The global tobacco black market is booming and big tobacco companies like Phillip Morris and British American Tobacco are leading the charge. Lured by untapped markets in developing nations like India, Colombia and Bangladesh, and desperate to avoid soaring import taxes in countries like America, big tobacco is fueling a big business, and all of it is off the books. FENNEL SWEET OIL FIG JUICE PRESERVE 3% YACHT FORMALDEHYDE LACTIC ACID leather jacket. If cach smoked cigarette takes 8 minutes off your life, that jacket will cost you 111 days. Enjoy! MACE POWDER EXTRACT 1% CAR MENTHOL PATCHOULI OIL 1% AIRPLANE RUM ETHER SILICON 964 BILLION CIGARETTES EXPORTED 1% TRAIN SKATOLE TOOLS OF THE TRADE SMOKE FLAVOR 672 BILLION CIGARETTES IMPORTED BASED ON SMUGGLERS CAUGHT IN 2000 IN THE EUROPEAN UNION SNAKEROOT OIL SODIUM ACETATE SOLANONE TOBACCO EXTRACIS WHO SMOKES& HOW MUCH? CHINA 1643 BILLION UREA URINE USA 451 BILLION The World Health Organization estimates about 1.25 billion smokers in the world, JAPAN roughly 1/3 of all people over the age of 15. With 1/5 of the world's population, China smokes 1/3 of its cigarettes. 61% of Chinese men are smokers, a world high INDONESIA 215 BILLION 328 BILLION RUSSIA 258 BILLION INA INTERNATIONAL NETWORKS ARCHIVE CIGARETTES CONSUMED IN 1998 SOURCES - WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION - DR. JOEL DUNNINGTON, TOBACCO ALMANAC 1993 - 'ILLEGAL PATHWAY TO ILLEGAL PROFITS' BY THE CAMPAIGN FOR TOBACCO FREE KIDS - ACTION ON SMOKING AND HEALTH UK Y JONATH AN HARR

Chemicals in Cigarette Smoke

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We all know that smoking is bad for you but it seems we find out something new and appalling every day about smoking and the tobacco industry. Some of these pieces of info can be taken lightly one at ...


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