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History of Pirate Attacks

PIRATE ATTACKS: THE REAL VICTIMS 21ST CENTURY PIRACY BY THE NUMBERS In 2013, there have been: -206 reported pirate attacks worldwide, including 11 hijackings. -11 reported pirate attacks off the coast of Somalia, including 2 hijackings. -30 reported pirate attacks off the coast of Nigeria, including 2 hijackings.* *includes October 23rd hijacking where 2 Americans were kidnapped. Maersk Alabama Balmoral Seaborne Spirit Crew members aboard the1,200 passenger cruise ship the Balmoral had to use fake wooden guns to deter pirates. They were saved by a US Navy ship that was in the area. Crew members aboard the Maersk Alabama used spoons to defend themselves against armed pirates. They are now suing the company due to negligence that led them into pirate-infested Crew members aboard the Seaborne Spirit used hoses to defeat pirates armed with AK-47s. They were able to save the passengers aboard the ship. waters. THE WORLD'S MOSTPIRATEINFESTED WATERS 1)INDONESIA 2) SOMALIA 3 NIGERIA/GULF OF GUINEA 4) GULF OF ADEN 5)INDIA 6) RED SEA 7)BANGLADESH 8) PERU 9)ECUADOR PIRACY IN THE GULFOF GUINEA SOMALIPIRACY 237 attacks in 2011 49 attacks in 2011 75 attacks in 2012* 58 attacks in 2012 Somali Pirates are motivated by huge ransoms made from selling refined oil Nigerian Pirates are motivated by profit Somali Pirates hold Captives for long periods of time Nigerian Pirates hold captives for short periods of time Attacks occur when ships are Anchored, drifting, or performing ship to ship cargo transfers Attacks occur when ships are underway *This decrease is due to the increase of armed guards on or accompanying ships. "WHENPIRATES ATTACK, IT'STHE CREW THAT PAYS.-BRIAN ВЕСКСОМ

History of Pirate Attacks

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In 2013, there were 206 pirate attacks reported. While the majority of pirate attacks happen in the waters off of Indonesia and Somalia, the impact of these dangerous attacks have directly affected sh...


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