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5 Lucky Facts about St. Patrick's Day

LUCKY FACTS 1. LUCK OF THE IRISH? Although many St. Patrick's Day traditions revolve around luck, it's ironic to think that many Irish people were actually very unlucky, and history proves this. The phrase "Luck of the Irish" can be traced to the 1800s during the U.S. gold rush where a high number of Irish people found gold and silver. Since Irish immigrants were viewed as incapable, any success was deemed as luck - hence the phrase "Luck of the Irish." 2. LUCKY NUMBER 7 A rainbow has 7 easily distinguishable colors. Both the rainbow and number 7 are symbols of luck around the world. In slot machines, triple sevens mean you've hit the jackpot. your own pot of gold! 777 3. SPECIAL SHAMROCKS The three leaves of a shamrock are said to stand for faith, hope, and love. A fourth leaf is where we get the luck from. The four-leafed clover, or "lucky clover", is an uncommon variation of the three-leafed clover, and widely considered to be a symbol of good luck. 4. GREEN: IS IT LUCHKY? In the 19th century, green became a symbol of Ireland (also called "The Emerald Isle"). Wearing green is patriotic, and considered lucky, especially on St. Patrick's Day. In Chicago, they celebrate St. Patrick's Day by dyeing the Chicago River green for the day, and many pubs serve green beer as a tradition. Don't worry though, it's safe to drink! 5. LUCKY LEPRECHAUNS According to Irish legends, people lucky enough to find a leprechaun and capture him (or, in some stories, steal his magical ring, coin or amulet) can barter his freedom for his treasure. Leprechauns are usually said to be able to grant the person three wishes Good luck! www.SWEATERSHOP.COM

5 Lucky Facts about St. Patrick's Day

shared by lukeluke1 on Feb 16
There are so many fascinating facts about this great day on March 17th each year that we've struggled to condense it to a short list. Here are some of our favourites that not too many people know abo...


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