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St Patricks Day

ST. PATRICKS DAY LUCK OF THE IRISH (AND THE REST OF THE WORID) LUCH COF RABBIT'S HORSE THE IRISH FOOT SHOE The term developed in America during the Gold Rush. Several successful early miners were Irish or Irish-American. Finding gold required a lot of hard work and a stroke of luck. This popular luck charm is an old Čeltic custom. On their first hunt, young men often caught and killed a rabbit. The hunter would keep the foot of the first rabbit killed as a symbol of his entry to adulthood. According to folklore, if you hang a horseshoe pointing upward, good luck will collect inside. Hang the horseshoe pointing downward, however, and all the good luck will spill out, resulting in bad luck. FOOD & A MONEY PIGS NEW HOME Bread is a popular good luck ritual to present as a housewarming gift. It symbolizes prosperity and a wish that the new home will forever have warmth and food. A bottle ofwine symbolizes joy. Many traditions find coins to be lucky. In Italy, lentils resemble coins and are a dish to bring good luck. Same goes for collard greens in America. You know the saying “Find a penny, pick it up, all the day you'll have good luck." Goodluck tokens in the shape of pigs are believed to bring good luck, as they are the symbol of wealth, good fortune and prosperity. Germans say "Schwein gehabt" or “Had pig" which means "Good luck is at hand." MORE GOOD LU CK FROM A ROUND THE GL OBE Scarab Chimney Sweep Dragonfly Evil Eye Ladybug Acorn Cricket CAlligator Teeth Sources: © 2012,, Inc. All rights reserved.

St Patricks Day

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The luck of the Irish and the rest of the world.



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