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Winning With Women's Wellness

nielsen .... ..... AN UNCOMMON SENSE OF THE CONSUMER" WINNING WITH WOMEN'S WELLNESS A GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING THE HEALTH ISSUES FACING WOMEN TO INCREASE EFFICIENCY OF HEALTHCARE MARKETING Recent healthcare reforms make it even more important for healthcare marketers to reach consumers directly and effectively. To craft effective marketing and advertising efforts for maximum brand resonance and return on investment, marketers must understand what health issues women face and what motivates them to act. This infographic, featuring data from the Nielsen Scarborough MARS Healthcare Module, examines U.S. women age 18+ overall and delivers specific insights for Healthy Women and Women Wanting Wellness, defined below. 43% 14% HEALTHY WOMEN WOMEN WANTING WOMEN WHO WELLNESS CONSIDER THEIR WOMEN WHO CONSIDER HEALTH TO BE VERY THEIR HEALTH TO BE GOOD OR EXCELLENT FAIR OR POOR ARE WOMEN OVERSTRESSED? 62% OF WOMEN CONSIDER THEMSELVES VERY OR SOMEWHAT STRESSED 34% DON'T HAVE A SAVINGS ACCOUNT IN THEIR HOUSEHOLD 21% ARE 17% WORKING MOMS SMOKED IN THE PAST 7 DAYS 13% COMMUTE 30+ MINUTES TO WORK ONE-WAY WOMEN WANTING WELLNESS are 22% more likely than all women to be stressed Healthy Women Have Hobbies & Outlets HEALTHY WOMEN ARE 20% MORE LIKELY THAN ALL WOMEN TO HAVE A MUCH/SOMEWHAT LOWER STRESS LEVEL NOW THAN THEY DID LAST YEAR. COULD PARTICIPATING IN ACTIVITIES AND HOBBIES OVER THE PAST YEAR HAVE HELPED MANAGE THEIR STRESS LEVELS? 10% MORE LIKELY than all women to have done volunteer work 14% MORE LIKELY to have attended 10% MORE LIKELY to have played a musical instrument a concert MARKETING TIP Highlighting ways that your product or service reduces stress and makes life more manageable could appeal to women who are trying to simplify their lives and decrease anxiety. WHAT HEALTH PROBLEMS ARE WOMEN FACING? TOP 10 HEALTH CONDITIONS THAT WOMEN CURRENTLY HAVE/HAD IN THE PAST YEAR COLD/FLU OR COUGH SINUS #6 CONGESTION/ SINUS HEADACHE 44% 21% ALLERGY/ HAY FEVER (Year Round or Seasonal) 36% HIGH CHOLESTEROL 19% HEADACHE (Nan-Migraine) 28% ARTHRITIS (Osteoarthritis) BACKACHE/ LOWER BACK PAIN #34 #8 15% 25% HYPERTENSION/ HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE #5 ACID REFLUX/ GERD 23% 15% THE #1 CONDITION MENSTRUAL #10) CRAMPS/PAIN 14% SPECIFICALLY AFFECTING WOMEN WANTING WELLNESS IS HYPERTENSION/ HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE MARKETING TIP Current health ailments can prevent women from achieving wellness. By understanding women with specific conditions, you can develop new products or services that can help women achieve better health without aggravating current conditions. A savvy marketer could dive deeper into the data to explore women with specific ailments and cater marketing efforts to this group. ARE WOMEN RECEPTIVE TO HEALTHCARE ADVERTISING? ACTIONS WOMEN TOOK IN PAST 12 MONTHS DUE TO HEALTHCARE ADVERTISEMENTS: 43% PURCHASEDA NON-PRESCRIPTION OO PRODUCT 40% CALLED FORA PRESCRIPTION 42% REFILL 42% MADE AN APPOINTMENT TO SEE A DOCTOR TOOK MEDICATION WOMEN MANAGE THEIR HEALTH ON THEIR OWN DIME: 13% 19% DO NOT HAVE HEALTH DO NOT HAVE PRESCRIPTION INSURANCE DRUG COVERAGE WOMEN WANTING WELLNESS ARE 73% MORE LIKELY THAN ALL WOMEN TO HAVE ASKED SAMPLE THEIR DOCTOR FOR A PRODUCT SAMPLE OF A PRESCRIPTION DRUG MARKETING TIP While some may not have health insurance or prescription coverage, women are still taking manageable steps to improve their health. Messaging that highlights low cost or ease of enrollment in programs could resonate with women and make achieving better health a more attainable goal. WHAT ARE WOMEN'S NUTRITION HABITS? 9% ARE ON A 7O DIET PLAN 50% 41% OF WOMEN 18% 35% HAVE BEEN ON A DIET PLAN ARE ON OR HAVE BEEN ON A DIET 47% PLAN OF THESE WOMEN "I'm embarrassed to tell others when I am on a diet" ANY AGREE ANY DISAGREE NEITHER AGREE NOR DISAGREE CAN'T SEEM TO ADHERE TO A DIET PLAN AND OFTEN CHEAT WHEN THEY'RE ON ONE 50% 30% OF HEALTHY WOMEN SPENT $200+ ON GROCERIES IN THE PAST WEEK FOR THEIR AISLE 1 HOUSEHOLD MARKETING TIP Women follow nutrition plans for various reasons such as losing weight, achieving good health and medical reasons. Crafting messages about overall quality of health rather than just weight loss could resonate more with women as 18% of them are embarrassed to reveal that they're on diets. ARE WOMEN EXERCISING? IN THE PAST YEAR: 24% 34% 22% 15% WENT JOGGING/ RUNNING WENT RODE A BICYCLE DID YOGA/ PILATES SWIMMING HEALTHY WOMEN ARE 11% MORE LIKELY TO AGREE THAT IHI EXERCISE IS IMPORTANT TO THEIR DIET AND NUTRITION PLAN. OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES WOMEN DID IN THE PAST YEAR: Д 16% 15% 13% WENT FISHING WENT HIKING/ BACKPACKING WENT CAMPING MARKETING TIP Cross-promoting or sponsoring specific events such as races or retreats related to favorite activities for women could help drive your brand messaging home. HOW CAN YOU TARGET WOMEN'S HEALTH LOCALLY? HEALTHY WOMEN IN PORTLAND ARE 24% MORE TOP 10 U.S. CITIES FOR HEALTHY WOMEN LIKELY THAN ALL WOMEN ACROSS THE U.S. TO HAVE SHOPPED ATA NATURALIORGANIC GROCERY STORE IN THE PAST WEEK Portland, OR 51% Salt Lake City, UT 51% Denver, CO 50% * San Francisco, CA * Seattle, WA * Washington, DC 50% TOP 10 U.S. CITIES FOR WOMEN WANTING WELLNESS 49% 49% San Diego, CA Birmingham, AL 23% 49% Honolulu, HI 49% Memphis, TN 18% * Boston, MA Lexington, KY 18% 47% Fort Myers, FL Mobile, AL/ Pensacola, FL 46% 18% Louisville, KY 18% Harlingen/McAllen, TX 17% Miami, FL 17% Spokane, WA 17% Indianapolis, IN 17% Little Rock, AR 17% 4 of the top cities for Healthy Women are among the top 15 largest in the U.S. MARKETING TIP While larger cities are top for Healthy Women, the Southeast offers more opportunities to reach Women Wanting Wellness. HOW CAN YOU REACH WOMEN? WOMEN IN THE PAST MONTH TV 19% 16% 33% 15% saw digital video displays in hospitals and doctors' offices read a newspaper on a mobile device visited a broadcast listened to a local TV website radio station online ... 29% 10% 13% 18% used a smartphone for social networking played or downloaded games on a tablet read or contributed to blogs on a computer used smartphone for daily deals 20% MARKETING TIP Women are using smartphones and tablets for everyday activities, so adding mobile campaigns to your outreach could help reinforce brand recognition. of women spend 1-2 hours per day on social networking sites FOLLOW US ON & NIELSEN.COM/LOCALINSIGHTS For more information on women's health or other healthcare insights, contact: Deirdre McFarland 646.517.1034 Deirdre. [email protected] "Working Moms are defined as US. Women ages 18+ mho are parents of one or more children under age 18. BASE U.S. Women Age 18+ SOURCE: Nielsen Scarborough MARS Healthcare Module, USA+ Study, Release 2, 2013 Copyright 0 2014 The Nielsen Company. All rights reserved. Nielsen and the Nielsen logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of CZTIACN Trademarks, L.L.C. ................. : ................: ****........ .......... ...............

Winning With Women's Wellness

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Healthcare reforms are empowering consumers to take control of their health. Our latest infographic, uses insights from a new healthcare data module and focuses on the factors that affect Women’s He...




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