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What is the true cost of fad diets?

TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE? The True Costs & Risks Of Fad Diets What is a Fad Diet? The literal dictionary definition of a "fad diet" is "a diet that promises quick weight loss and is popular for a short time. The Facts 2/3's of people are on a "fad diet" to lose weight or prevent weight gain Only 5% Of dieters will be successful at keeping the weight they lost off! $109 MILLION Spent Each Day On Fad Diet Products $34 BILLION PER YEAR Spent On Tapes, Videos, Supplements, Books, Food & Medication For Diets Yes, for all this money spent on 'fad dieting' obesity has reached epidemic levels, effective 6 out of 10 adults! Obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death, causing 300,000 deaths per year in America alone. A high school survey found that more than 43% of the girls were on a diet, yet a quarter of these dieters didn't think they were overweight Buyers Beware! Weight Loss Products 40 Percent False Claims! 55% Likely False 55% of ads for weight loss 40 percent of ads for weight loss products made at least one products made at least one representation that was very likely to be false representation that was almost certainly false. A 2004 survey by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission found that nearly 40 rcent of ads for weight loss products or plans made at least one representation that was almost certainly false, and 55 percent made at least one representation that was very likely to be false. Often, ads even promise weight loss results beyond what is physiologically possible. How to Spot A Fad Diet Reductions in overall calorie Claims of dramatic weight loss in short periods of time (typically in excess of 3 lbs a week) 3 Ibs intake, often at or below 1000 calories total for the day Elimination of entire groups of foods (carbs, sugars, fats, fruit, bread, etc.) from the diet Over-emphasis on consuming certain nutrients (protein, for example) in the diet Substitution a single food (grapefruit, lemon juice, cab- bage soup, Special K Cereal) in place of normal whole meals Very little, if any, emphasis on exercise as part of the weight loss plan or diet Emphasis on extremely short dieting intervals, for example, "24 hour diet," "3-day diet" or "7 day diet." Use of complex scientific studies with simplistic conclusions to support the "science" of the diet Use of dramatic marketing language and too-good-to-be-true phrases like "quick-fix", "melt off pounds instantly," "lose fat fast", "lose weight when you sleep," "eat all you want and lose weight!" etc. Recommendations to purchase products as part of the diet, for example: supplements, herbal blends, protein or nutrition bars, health drinks, etc. Association with a popular celebrity or prominent company or organization Excessive media attention, especially in tabloid newspapers A price tag: Many fad diets require you to fork over Circulated via e-mail, word-of- mouth or the web with no clear indication of its origin money to access the diet or buy the book Health Risks Of Fad Diets Losing more than two pounds a week creates a risk of losing muscle rather than fat. Other fad diet risks include electrolyte changes, irregular heartbeat and gallbladder disease. Fad dieters end up gaining the weight lost back fairly quickly Because most fad diets require you to eat a structured amount of food on a structured schedule, you can also end up disrupting your natural metabolism. The nutritional deficiencies that fad diets cause can also lead to health conditions like hair loss and muscle loss. Perhaps your diet requires you to cut out carbohydrates or any type of fat from your daily foods. This can lead to a serious nutritional deficiency. designed to fit you Sources: "Thumbs Down" by artur84/ advt. advt.

What is the true cost of fad diets?

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The reason most diets fail is that they take a “one size fits all” approach, which is still stuck in the dark ages. Research has found that your genetics, age, lifestyle, environment and health ca...


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