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Turning the Page on Cancer

pe ON CANCER TURNING THE PAGE THE FACTS will be diągnosed with cancer before the age of 85. YET... 30% At Cancer Council lin 28lin 3 1in2 & women OF CANCERS WE KNOW THE FACTS ON WHAT CAUSES MANY CANCERS AND HOW TO PREVENT THEM. Tegether WE CAN HOPE FOR A BRIGHTER TOMORROW. men ARE PREVENTABLE. What is CANCER? CANCER IS A DESTRUCTIVE DISEASE THAT ATTACKS THE BODY'S CELLS, ORGANS AND TISSUES, THE BASIC BUILDING BLOCKS OF HUMAN LIFE. WHATEVER YOUR STORY AND NO MATTER YOUR AGE, MAKE HEALTHY CHOICES AND TURN THE PAGE. You CAN PREVENT MANY CANCERS SIMPLY THROUGH LIFESTYLE CHOICES & CHECK-UPS. TALK TO YOUR GP FOR MORE INFORMATION. THE Prevent cancer with these lifestyle changes: MOST COMMON CANCERS IN AUSTRALIA Quit smoking MELANOMA Protect your skin from the sun 95 of all cancers diagnosed 10,342 V Maintain a healthy weight & diet / Exercise regularly DIAGNOSED IN A YEAR 3.22 all cancer deaths Melanoma is Australia's 4th most common, and affects males and females of all ages. 4 Reduce your alcohol intake / Avoid solariums 91.6 survive 5 years BREAST 10 12,670 LUNG DIAGNOSED IN A YEAR Breast cancer is Australia's 3rd most common cancer and is more common in women. 5. 9,703 DIAGNOSED IN A YEAR Lung cancer is Australia's 5th most common cancer. It occurs more often in males. It is a very aggresive disease if not caught early. By the time there are symptoms it has usually spread and is not curable. 11.7of all cancers diagnosed 6.8of all cancer deaths 9.0. all cancers diagnosed 87.8 survive 5 years 19.1of all cancer deaths 11.8% survive 5 years BOWEL PROSTATE 14,234 19,403 DIAGNOSED IN A YEAR Bowel cancer is Australia's 2nd most common DIAGNOSED IN A YEAR cancer and is common in both men and women. Prostate cancer is Australia's most common cancer. 13.1 all cancers diagnosed Over 100,00o Australians are diagnosed with cancer 17.9of all cancers diagnosed every year. 10.1%al Ask your GP about age appropriate screening for: •Cervical • Prostate • Breast 7.4 of all cancer deaths all cancer deaths • Bowel 61.8% survive 5 years 85.3 survive 5 years Al fgures for 'dagnosed in a year wtre recorded in 2008. Pieane go to the webote for reterences. WHAT CAUSES THESE CANCERS? PROSTATE BOWEL BREAST MELANOMA LUNG GENES & FAMILY HISTORY ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION SMOKING TOBACCO & VEG INTAKE (PROBABLE) OVERWEIGHT & OBESITY PHYSICAL INACTIVITY LOW FRUIT HIGH CALCIUM OLDER AGE RED & PROCESSED MEATS GENES & FAMILY HISTORY ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION HORMONAL THERAPY & CONTRACEPTIVES REPRODUCTIVE OVERWEIGHT & MENSTRUAL FACTORS GENES & FAMILY HISTORY SUNEXPOSURE & SUNBEDS FAIR SKIN, RED HAIR & FRECKLES, GENES & FAMILY HISTORY SMOKING TOBACCO & PASSIVE SMOKE ASBESTOS, DUST, CHEMICALS & OTHER EXPOSURES URBAN AIR POLLUTION & VEG INTAKE LOW FRUIT & OBESITY SDIEMENT INTAKE Flope Cancer Council Cancer Council Helpline 131120 ON CANCER TURNING THE PAGE NSW

Turning the Page on Cancer

shared by kcatoto on Jan 24
Cancer is a destructive disease that attacks the body cells, organs and tissues - the basic building blocks of human life. The infographic illustrates the facts on what causes many cancers and how to ...


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