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Stop Smoking or die trying

STOP SMOKING Or Die Grying CYANHYDRIC ACID| (WAS USED IN GAZ CHAMBERS) CARBON MONOXID (FOUND IN EXHAUST FUMES) POLLONIUM 210 (A RADIOCTIVE ELEMENT) about the 1. THE PRODUCER DDT (INSECTICIDE) PROFIT IN BILLIONS ACETONE (SOLVENT) $58,1 METHANOL (USED AS ROCKET FUEL) $38,4 NICOTINE $65,9 VYNIL CHLORIDE 28.8% (US ED AS INSECTICIDE) $24,4 ofthe smokers lice bellar the porerty levd (USED IN PLASTIC MATERIAL) WHO SMOKES? BY AGE what about 3. THE MARKET and so?. 4. THE EFFECTS $91,7 $67,7 Tehacco use leads mast commanly lo diseases affecting he heart, liver and lungs with smoking being a majar risk factar fa heart altacks stokes, dhraric dbatrucfive pumanary disease (COPD). and cancer (parficularly lung cancer, cancers of the laryru and mouth and pancreatic cancer) It also causes peripheral vasaular dsease and hyperkension The eflects depend on he number of years that a persan smokes and an haw much the persan sndkes. Staring smoking earlier in life and smoking cigarettes higher in tar increases the risk of these diseases Alsa enviormental tobacco smoke or O PHILLIP MORRIS USA CANADA * 45m CHINA| 2 730m BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO RUSSIA IMPERIAL TOBACCO JAPAN TOBACCO INTERNACIONAL 18-24 45-54 25-44 25-44 - 12M O PHILLIP MORRIS INT. - CHINA NATIONAL TOBACCO BY GENDER and the 2. THE CONSUMER secandhend smdke has been shawn to cause adverse health effects in people of all ages Ciaretles sald in underdevelaped countries kend tahave higher tar conlent, and are less likely to be fitered, potentialy increasing vulnerability to kobacco reated disease in these regians. FEMALE MALE 5.5 TRILLION 1.10 BILLION 100 MILLION UNITED KINGDOM AUSTRALIA 2 42m ADULTS WHO ARE SMOKERS 2 100m - 50M CIGARRETES SMOKED EACH YEAR WORLD WIDE DEATHS OVER THE COURSE OF 20TH CENTURY

Stop Smoking or die trying

shared by JorgeMartins on Jul 09
I decided to do some research and transform the gathered data in visual comunication. The chosen theme was the smoker and all the industry behind. I decided to assume the charismatic and tradicional...


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