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Smoking Electronic cigarettes, Who Wins?

Smoking Electronic cigarettes WHO WINS? VS. Cost to you On average a pack a day smoker will save around $1,200 if they switch to electronic cigarettes $1,825 Smokers have a $672 greater risk of burning down their house than non smokers and this risk is reflected in higher home owner's insurance premium payments. Electronic cigarettes costs as low as $9.80 per five packs of cartridges. Each cartridge is worth around one pack of traditional cigarettes per puff. YEAR YEAR $5 Cigarette Pollution Facts Cigarette butts are Each year nearly toxic and cannot be 600 million trees recycled to Worldwide, smokers toss at least be reused. 4.5 are des- troyed to provide fuel to dry tobacco. Cigarette butts trillion sach year. Electronic cigarettes can typically be recycled at your local recy- cling facility. This makes Electro- nic Cigarettes a green alternative! Electronic Cigarettes Help You In The Workplace Studies have found that smokers earn between 4 - 11% less 82% money than their non smoking the workplace on smoking. Counterparts. 47% of employees work in smoke-free Indoor workers environments. face some restriction in 6,000 The average employee spends 64 minutes smoking per day. Smoking accounts companies in WORK DAY the US refused for 42% to hire people total 64" working hours lost. who smoke. Electronic Cigarettes Have No Ash, Tar Smoke or Bad Smell Banned in Restaurants and non-hospitality workplaces You can use electronic cigarettes where traditional cigarettes Banned in Restaurants and bars Banned in Restaurants are banned. Smoking bans Banned in non-hospitality workplaces No Statewide ban Electronic Cigarettes are not like traditional cigarettes Electronic Cigarettes generally contain around five ...but the traditional cigarette contains more than 7,000 chemicals including ingredients hundreds that are toxic and about 70 Vapor that are cancer causing Nickel Polonium Aniline Formaldehyde Aminobiphenyl Cadmium Hydrazide Carbon Monoxide Naphthylamine Ammonium Benzopyrene Benzene • Citric Acid • Nicotine • Distilled water • Natural and Artificial Flavors • USP Grade Glycerin Inside of Electronic Cigarette LED Smart Lithium lon Cartridge Chip Controller blu Battery The vapor is created by Atomizer Heating Vapor Cell Flavor liquid or eliquid Silicone heats the eliquid Tip Nicotine dosage Electronic Cigarette Vs Cigarette 40% 60% 80% 100% 120% Ultra Light Nicotine 8mg dosage in a traditional cigarette Light 12mg Full Flavor 16mg Disposable 24mg Nicotine mg. contained in 1 Cartridge = 250 puffs (approximately one pack of traditional cigarettes based on puffs) Sources:,20209268,00.html ish/2009/01/is-smoking-a-dating-deal-break.html blu Infographic by: f @blucigs You save $1,200 . eX

Smoking Electronic cigarettes, Who Wins?

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Comparison of the cost between traditional cigarette and electronic cigarette of the brand BLU. In one year do you save $ 1,200 witLU electronic cigarettes.


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