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The Science of Sleep

ISSUE 01 THE SCIENCE OF SLEEP #01 At Silksleep, we love sleep and are constantly looking for the best way to make sure we start each morning feeling rested and refreshed. We know we're not alone in this, which is why we've decided to create a series of infographics on every aspect of a deep, restorative slumber. Falling asleep peacefully often takes more than just getting into bed. How do you sleep at night? SLEEPING EASY HOW MUCH SLEEP DO YOU NEED? 11 days - the longest anyone has stayed awake %5 of the population can function normally on 4 hours' sleep 15 MARIAH CAREY INFANTS 14-15 14 13 TODDLERS 12-14" 12 11 CHILDREN 10-11 10 8. ADULTS 7-9 7. BARACK OBAMA 6. MARGARET THATCHER LEONARDO DA VINCI "Recommended sleep from the National Sleep Foundation Statistics source HOW TO GET TO SLEEP WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO FALL ASLEEP QUICKLY EACH NIGHT KEEP COOL CURL YOUR RUB WRITE YOUR TOES IT BELLY Curling your toes for a count of seven can relax Keep a notepad by your bed to write down any Start at the navel work A temperature of 16C to 18C is best for a great night's sleep. outwards in a clockwise your mind and body before sleeping. rotation, return inwards thoughts that may keep in counter-clockwise. you awake. A SWITCH EAT GO TIDY DINNER OFF AUSSIE ROOM EARLY Get rid of work related The less notification Prevent digestion from Playing the didgeridoo items do you can free them from your mind. lights, buzzes and beeps the better. keeping you up in the night. strengthens your upper airway, combating sleep apnea. NIGHT CAPS TRADITIONAL BEDTIME DRINKS FROM AROUND THE WORLD HOT CHOCOLATE ENGLAND WHISKY SCOTLAND CHAMOMILE TEA WARM MILK EGYPT USA LUMUMBA SPAIN O Silksleep | The finest silk for the perfect night's sleep UNITED STATES UNITED KINGDOM TURKEY SWEDEN SPAIN SOUTH AFRICA PORTUGAL POLAND NORWAY NEW ZEALAND NETHERLANDS MEXICO JAPAN ITALY IRELAND INDIA GERMANY FRANCE CHINA CANADA BELGIUM AUSTRALIA HOURS

The Science of Sleep

shared by silksleep on Sep 02
Do you sleep more like Mariah Carey or a Frenchman? The first issue of our infographic series looks at what it takes to enjoy a perfect night's rest and how those in different countries get to sleep e...






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