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Safety Concerns for Your Loved One with Alzheimer’s Disease

SAFETY CONCERNS FOR YOUR LOVED ONE WITH ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE WAYS ALZHEIMER'S 4 DISEASE AFFECTS YOUR LOVED ONE'S SAFETY WANDERING A This occurs when someone with Alzheimer's becomes lost or disoriented away from home Over 60% of people with Alzheimer's wander-it's most common in later stages 50% of people who aren't found in 24 hours suffer A serious injuries or loss of life BURN INJURIES Alzheimer's can interfere with the ability to recognize temperature extremes SS People with Alzheimer's may forget to check temperatures of water, food, and beverages Burns to the mouth, hands, and other parts of the body are common APPLIANCE DANGERS !> Alzheimer's makes it difficult to use appliances safely !! People may forget appliances are on or may use them incorrectly This can cause burns, exposure to gas, fires, and electrical injuries A MEDICATION MISMANAGEMENT WTFS SM Access to medications is extremely dangerous for people with Alzheimer's disease They may take medicines incorrectly or forget whether they have taken prescribed medicines Missed doses and overdoses can cause serious illness or loss of life FIND SAFETY FOR YOUR LOVED ONE IN A MEMORY CARE HOME As Alzheimer's disease progresses, people need constant supervision It's impossible for family members to provide the amount of care needed Memory care homes provide 24-hour care for Alzheimer's patients Homes are designed with safety devices to keep people with Alzheimer's safe Secured doors to prevent wandering Medication management Around-the-clock supervision PROVIDED BY: A V A L ON MEMORY CARE SINCE 1995 AVALONMEMORYCARE.COM SOURCES:

Safety Concerns for Your Loved One with Alzheimer’s Disease

shared by BrittSE on Sep 13
Using modern appliances is not always easy, especially if you suffer from a condition like Alzheimer’s disease! Take a look at this infographic for more on the safety concerns to look out for.


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