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Protect Your Sight

UNDERSTANDING DIABETIC EYE DISEASE KEEPING YOUR SIGHT FIND OUT WHAT'S GOING ON IN THE BACK OF YOUR EYES Diabetic eye disease is a group of eye problems that can occur as a result of high blood sugar levels over time. Left untreated, diabetic eye disease can lead to vision loss. Impaired vision can have an impact on the ability to work and do everyday tasks such as reading and driving, which can stifle independence and negatively affect quality of life. But here's the good news: most cases of vision loss can be prevented. The first step is getting a retina eye exam every year. Approximately Diabetes is the 26 MILLION LEADING CAUSE OF BLINDNESS among adults aged 20-74 2 people (roughly 8% of the population) in the US have diabetes' Over time diabetes (in particular, poorly-controlled diabetes) can DAMAGE BLOOD VESSELS causing leakage and swelling, and eventually VISION LOSS : DIABETIC MACULAR EDEMA (DME) 89% INCREASE in diabetic DME affects people with TYPE 1 or TYPE 2 DIABETES? eye disease since 20004 2000 2010 DME prevalence is more than 3X HIGHER AFRICAN AMERICANS among 2.2% 4.9% 8.2% with diabetes than WHITE HISPANIC AFRICAN AMERICAN non-Hispanic whites Symptoms of DME include It is estimated that MORE THAN HALF OF PEOPLE WITH DME (55%) DON'T EVEN KNOW THEY HAVE IT • BLURRED VISION DOUBLE VISION PATCHES OF VISION LOSS Visit a retina specialist annually for a dilated RETINA EYE EXAM It's the best way to help detect changes in vision Visit DIABETESEYECHECK.ORG for more information 1. American Diabetes Association. Statistics. Available at: Accessed June 26, 2012. 2. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Vision Health Initiative. Available at: Accessed June 26, 2012. 3. National Eye Institute. Facts About Diabetic Retinopathy. Available at: Accessed June 26, 2012. 4. Prevent Blindness America. Vision Problems in the U.S. Available at: Accessed January 7, 2012. 5. Varma, L. African Americans at Highest Risk of Diabetic Macular Edema Compared with Non-Hispanic Whites and Hispanics. Presented at: 4th Joint Meeting with the Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Academy of Ophthalmology; November 11, 2012; Chicago, IL. 6. NHANES database search by Genentech, Data on file. 7. Centers for Disease Control. Can't See Clearly? Get Your Eyes Checked. Available at: Accessed June 26, 2012. Genentech A Member of the Roche Group LUCO001588900

Protect Your Sight

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Diabetes can steal your vision. Help protect your sight with a retina eye exam. Visit for more information.


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