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Prescription Drug Abuse: A National Epidemic

PRESCRIPTION DRUG ABUSE A NATIONAL EPIDEMIC Ret#70001842 Refils Left: 3 UNIT 615-52485-562 7 For: JOE ALLEN DOE 123 ANYWHERE STREET PENSACOLA, FL 20165 Directions: A CULTURE OF SOLVING PROBLEMS WITH A PILL HAS DEVELOPED IN THE LAST TWO DECADES THAT THREATENS THE NATION'S HEALTH IN EVERY MAJOR CATEGORY. EVERY AGE GROUP IS ALSO IMPACTED BY THIS GROWING EPIDEMIC OF PRESCRIPTION DRUG ABUSE. Of all the classes of drugs abused, the following three are the most commonly abused prescription drugs CENTRAL NARCOTIC PAIN KILLERS NERVOUS STIMULANTS SYSTEM DEPRESSANTS OPIOIDS most abused drug classes 1991 5 MILLION Between 1991 and 2010 prescription stimulants use increased from 5 million to 45 million 2010 45 MILLION 6600 /DAY 2200 2200 2200 started non-medical use of prescription drugs in 2010 THE CDC REPORTED ER VISITS increased 144,644 111% B 305,900 for non-medical use of prescription drugs from 2004-2008. are largest age group Dit] overdosing on prescription Rx drugs year olds In a report by the National Center for Health Statistics, the following groups had the highest percentage of prescription drug overdoses from 13.5% 11.7% 10.9% any drug. NON-HISPANIC NON-HISPANIC NATIVE AMERICAN WHITES BLACKS 40 PEOPLE A DAY DIE from narcotic prescription overdose Enough prescription painkillers were prescribed in 2010 to MEDICATE EVERY AMERICAN ADULT AROUND-THE-CLOCK FOR A MONTH HTTP://www.SAMHSA.GOV/DATA/NSDUHASPX sources HTTP://www.SAMHSA.GOV/DATA/NSDUH/2K1ORESULTS/WEB/PDFW/2K10RESULTS.PDF HTTP://www.DRUGABUSE.GOV/PUBLICATIONS/RESEARCH-REPORTS/PRESCRIPTION-DRUGS/TRENDS-IN-PRESCRIPTION-DRUG-ABUSE/HOW-MANY-PEOPLE-ABUSE-PRESCRIPTION-DRUGS

Prescription Drug Abuse: A National Epidemic

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The U.S. leads the world in prescription drug abuse. The cost, to the nation, is in the billions!


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