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The Meatless Monday Phenomenon

Average American's meat consumed a day 8oz 8 MEATLESS MONDAYS per day That is There is no denying it, 45% America is a meat-loving country. The good news is that it's never been more easier to reduce your meat intake. How One Day than what the With minor modifications to your USDA Without Meat Creates diet, you'll greatly improve the health recommends. of your body and the environment. a Better World BETTER FOR YOUR HEALTH Reducing your meat intake just one day per week can have a considerable impact on your health. Reduces Risk Of: Increases Life Expectancy HEART DISEASE CANCER Red/processed meat consumption is linked to an increase in total Replacing foods rich with Studies have linked red meat saturated fats with foods and processed meat consumption mortality rates. rich in polyunsaturated fats with the increased risk of reduces the risk of colorectal, gastric, prostate, Heart Disease by 19% pancreatic and breast cancer. Improves Overall Diet and reduces your risk of stroke by 6%. OBESITY DIABETES Plant-based proteins have all the protein of meat with less fat and no cholesterol, a great source Researchers found that reducing red/processed meat consumption by more than half a serving a day A recent study indicates for healthy and nutritional needs. reducing overall meat consumption can help prevent long-term weight gain. was linked with a 14% lower risk of diabetes. Reducing consumption of meat by one day can make a drastic impact on the environment. Here's how you BETTER FOR THE PLANET can make a difference: If You If You're a 4-Person Family Eat one less burger per week, it is like taking your car off the road for 320 miles. And skip red meat one day per week, it is like taking your car off the road for 3 months. 1 burger = 20 miles 1 day a week = 1 month It takes a lot of resources to create just a 1/4 lb. burger patty GRAIN WATER LAND FUEL AAA 6.7 lbs 52.8 gal. 74.5 sq. ft. 1,036 BUTS of grain used. of water is used of land is used for grazing and growing feed. of fossil fuel is used for feed production and transportation. This is enough power to for irrigation and drinking. run a microwave for 18 minutes. CELEBS AND CITIES THAT SUPPORT MEATLESS MONDAY Los Angeles City of Los Angeles Sir Paul McCartney & Stella McCartney Oprah Winfrey Al Gore San Francisco Philadelphia Russell Kathy Olivia Simmons Freston Wilde South Miami CUTTING BACK IS TASTY AND EASY Meat Alternatives Today, decreasing your meat intake is easier than ever. Plant-Based Tofu Legumes & Nuts Protein Meat alternatives can be A curd made from mashed Nature's meat alternatives. made from plants such as soybeans. Tofu tastes best These fruits are high in soybeans, wheat, pea when it's marinated in protein and delicious in proteins, vegetables, quinoa, flavorful spices and sauces nearly every style of cooking. Some popular choices: beans, lentils, almonds, and peanuts. amaranth, millet, and kamut. since it soaks up flavor well. TIPS: Cook your favorite meal for dinner and use a meat alternative as the main source of protein. Expand your cooking horizons. The notion that meat is a staple to every meal is an American tradition. Many cultures center their meals around healthy protein options. Meat is often the easy option, but there are other ways to create complex and flavorful dishes. Use herbs and spices to brighten any recipe. Lifestyle Sources: gardein Check out Gardein for Meatless Recipes Environmental Effects Sources: Diseases Sources: +I

The Meatless Monday Phenomenon

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With minor modifications to your diet, it is possible to greatly improve the health of your body and the environment by reducing the amount of meat you consume.






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