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Make an informed decision - What you need to know about Anjelina's Breast Cancer story!

BREAST CANCER Angelina Jolie has a Mutation in a gene called BRCA - The Villain Mutation in BRCA Is in less than 0.1% Increases risk of Breast Cancer 5 women who develop times Is in Only 4% of of Women Breast Cancer Her mother also had Breast Cancer, increasing her risk for Breast Cancer further. To reduce her risk, She chose Mastectomy ( complete removal of breast tissue) & breast reconstruction. After Mastectomy, Angelina Jolie reduced her expected risk of breast cancer to 5% 87% 5% nylactic Oophorectomy Next ? She still has 50% Risk of ovarian cancer owing to her family pre-disposition. Prop Your Risk Modifiables Not Modifiables Physical Inactivity Tobacco Alcohol Age Dense Tissue Family Pre-disposition HRT High-Fat Diet Reproducive & Menstrual History Hormone Therapy Exposure Race Prevention Periodic screening as per Risk Profile Breastfeed. if you can Healthy Lifestyle Preventive Therapy, Surgery 66 Life comes with many challenges. The ones that should not scare us are the ones we can take on and take control of. Thanks AJ for encouraging people to take charge of their ├▒ealth. Understand your Risk, Make Informed Choices, Online Doctor Consultations DoctorSpring y Sources: 1. Cancer.Org 2. My Medical Choice, NY Times

Make an informed decision - What you need to know about Anjelina's Breast Cancer story!

shared by health99 on May 21
Angelina Jolie has become a champion for making informed, pro-active decisions when it comes to health. Her decision to counter the risk of breast cancer due to her family pre-disposition would inspir...




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